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Welcome everypony! This Group is specifically for stories centered around the Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle and the sweet yet awkward guitarist Flash Sentry! Anything that involves FlashLight shipping, is welcome here!

And please, be sure to add any and all stories the appropriate folders!

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FlashLight is the best ship! I will not apologize for this.

Did you come here just to comment that?

Guess it is high time for a group for the FlashLight.
Anything I need to know, before I post my story in a folder, aside from that it is actually a FlashLight that goes with the folder?
For now, I have a Human FlashLight in mind, just spiced up with a side character.

412357 What do you mean by that?

Comment posted by Violet Rose in The Rain deleted Nov 27th, 2018

Nice! Also, first :derpytongue2:

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