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Short-story writer, future author, poet, history buff, broadway/musical lover, reader, college student, geek, and I think that about covers it! Thanks for checking my stuff out, it means a lot.

Thank you for taking your time to read my stories and support me! Couldn't do it without you guys!

About Me

Hi there everyone! It's Serina here and I just wanted to let you know a little about me. I'm currently in college

I write a bunch of short stories (some I very much need to finish, still...) when I just get random ideas, which usually happens through inspiration through music or art.

I like any type of music but my favorite is musicals! Hmmmm, what else? I've loved to read ever since I was little and I could pretty much open up a library with how many books I have, ha ha.

My favorite artist is Vincent van Gogh, my favorite painting of his is Starry Night Over the Rhone. My favorite song, right now, is Disappear from Dear Evan Hansen or Micheal in the Bathroom from Be More Chill. Favorite play is 21 Chump Street or Heathers. My favorite TV show (so far) is Steven Universe, movie is Wolf Children, and anime is Little Witch Academia. My favorite mane six pony is Rarity, background is Fleur de Lis, princess is Luna, villain is Chrysalis, and OC is Fluffle Puff.

I'll try to get writing soon, okay? Have fun looking around on my page!


Things Have Changed (FimFiction) · 3:19am Jun 24th, 2017

I'm coming back to this site from a VERY long hiatus and, frankly, it feels like this:

New authors, new layout, new... everything, really. Which is fine and dandy but I've noticed something....

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1750819 Yeah I saw it, loved the episode for creepy smiles and Karl Marx ideals in an isolated town in Equestria. :pinkiegasp:

Did you see the latest episode? Marxism much?

1748825 Real life can do that to you, especially when you're me. :rainbowlaugh:

Hey! Sorry I didn't reply sooner my life has been craaaazzzyyyyy~

Hey Serina! :pinkiehappy:

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