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Thinking on better days. · 1:22am Jun 9th, 2016

First time in a year I think... Mabey more since i last logged on to this site I was looking and reminiscing about better days. This might be the last time I turn up here... I guess I just drifted away from the fandom. Occasionally I get flashbacks of when I used to be active on this site, goofing off over skype getting drunk and having a Letts read of a, well fic that the owner himself didn't know what he was writing. But then I lost touch with my friends and it's by no means their fault I was

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easy there fuzzy little man peach mmmm you ever drink baless from a shoe

Hay there JOAT Dark's PC is on the fritz so he asked me to spread the word. He can't really do anything on the site.

thanks for the watch

1435187 I like to think my soul's pretty safe

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