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I write lots and lots of horse words; everything from comedy to drama. If you like what I write, please support me on Patreon.


I am eternal, and death is my steadfast companion. The passing of each generation of my little ponies weighs on me; every one of them is a fleeting, irreplaceable treasure, a snowflake dancing 'round a fire. I want to save all of them; I have the ability to save a few. I have saved none.

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I receive a letter from Rainbow Dash the next day. It is unexpected—I was certain she would need longer than a single day to calm down and realize that her actions, while motivated by genuine love, were unacceptable.

She probably realized she has to start setting an example now. Oh, Rainbow...

Nice job, as always.

Otrepony #2 · Jun 6th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Ooh, another story:pinkiehappy: I cant wait to read it.

Edit: Damn, that was great writing, but my computer just got rained on...

I'm going to read this for the description alone.

Trying to prevent it from raining on my desk...

Considering Celestia's comments on Dinky's father, I'm really starting to think that he might be Fancy Pants.

Trinary #5 · Jun 6th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Between this and the preview of WP 19 you seem to be trying to set out to rival Comma for emotional trauma. Wonderful writing. I can't wait to see more of Shadow and Celestia in LR.

Poor Rainbow. Poor Derpy.

Poor Celestia.

Excuse me, it's starting to rain...inside my room. Cuz that's totally a thing that happens.

:pinkiesad2: *Hugs for everypony*

It's a terrible day for rain...

Brakyo #7 · Jun 6th, 2013 · · 2 ·

I've caught a few raindrops with my hand.
Stupid weather we're having.

Naduran #8 · Jun 6th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Stupid indoor clouds :fluttercry:

I've read many stories with Celestia reliving the deaths of her companions and friends, but this is one of the best.

Dyna #10 · Jun 6th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Sad, and beautiful...

My glasses is getting wet due to the rain...:fluttercry:

why chen, why?! why do you and comma torture us so? its like ponibus is the only one we can trust these days :fluttershbad:

Beautiful work, as always Chengar-sama. Truly, I applaud you.

Luna lets out an annoyed snort. “The removal of ‘thou’ from the Equestrian language was a mistake. I’ve half a mind to begin a royal program to restore it.” She pointedly returns her attention to the weak, withered form of Shadow Kicker. “Why art thou avoiding my question?” I suspect that this time, she used the antiquated words simply to ruffle my feathers.

Actually, "thou" was the informal pronoun. It dropped out, and now everyone uses what was formerly the formal-plural pronoun for everything.


Oh, and ignore the water marks on the page. I got caught in the rain while I was taking this to the post office

Sounds legit. The mention was, no doubt, added using mysterious pegasus powers to write in an already sealed letter. Is there no end to Dash's awesomeness? Clearly not!

T'was quick, but heartfelt. Somber without going to overboard. I liked Celestia not having an answer for Luna. Seemed very... real. The scene with Shadow was... nice. :fluttershysad:

Of less uberapproval is Celestia's encyclopedic knowledge of Dinky, Derpy and Sparkler, for which it sounds like the last is the only one for her to have some reason to know about. Is that some... power of hers? Could have used a throwaway line or two of exposition, if so. Because it doesn't seem like there's enough hours in the day to get to know every one of her thousands or millions of subjects. Or has she met them extensively, or something?

Also... breaking a kid's leg is bad. Ultra jerk move there. But... the rest of his life in prison? :rainbowderp: Would he have got off easier by finishing the job? The Equestrian criminal justice system is terrifying.
Ten years for littering? Fifteen for jaywalking? Life for breaking a minor's leg? All four hooves chopped off for stealing? Mindrape and attempting to plunge the world into nightmarish chaos? One year in stone. Followed by a stern talking to by Fluttershy. Maybe Equestrian courts punish on a bell curve. :trollestia:

Okay, I've had my fun.

Ah. Good. Something that mentions cancer but doesn't turn into Wit with ponies. That being said, she could have gone the Gandalf "Do not tempt me" route and told Rainbow about the perils of taking away free will.


I have to agree. One of the stories I'm writing, Cubic Zirconia, would be much different if breaking a minors leg was punishable by a lifetime in jail. Diamond Tiara dealing with being in prison for the rest of her life might have been interesting, mind...

That was some deft shameless-self-promotion right there.

Your unabashed deviousness means I'll be reading that story soon, in reward.

Wow...I knew Shadow was a very important pony, but to be a candidate for ascension? Damn...:rainbowderp:


you seem to be trying to set out to rival Comma for emotional trauma.

Be thankful we don't have a Comma Trauma month. Although I should seriously write something traumatic sometime...

Oh. Wait. I will be! :pinkiehappy:


Heh, yeah, I can be a bit shameless sometimes. Though, to be fair, you'll know why I made the comment I did by the end of the first scene in the story. It really would change the way the story went majorly.

While i generally avoid the DeadDerpyVerse like the plague for my own mental health, there was no way I could pass up Celestia's thoughts on death and mortality. And, as always, CQ has failed terrifically to disappoint.

My only qualm is Luna's argument about keeping her immortality by taking away Shadow's...is there only enough immortality for two? I think that needs a lot of clarification; if there's a limited supply of ascension juice, what's going on with Cadance and Twilight?? :rainbowderp:

Well, getting me to read anything at all in the "DeadDerpyVerse" is testament enough to your writing abilities, Chengar! Beautiful story and journey into Celestia's mind and her reflections on the cycles of life and death that she must constantly (and agonizingly) bear witness to generation after generation. Also awesome getting some more of Shadow Kicker, possibly my favorite OC in MLP fanfiction, even if the scene she appeared in itself was a tearjerker. Thank you again for the lovely story; can't wait to see what comes next in "Lunar Rebellion"! :twilightsmile:

It's a terrible day for rain.

Who's with me for returning "thou" to the English language?

Why the hell is raining? I'm indoors.
This was a great read, though, honestly. I love how this whole immortal Celestia thing. I would type more, but I have to go. Bye!

When you first mentioned another story to this particular 'verse I was not expecting anything like this at all. A testament to your talent this. The perspective was unique, interesting and very insightful. I know I've often wondered what goes on in Celestia's mind. Also if your sub-goal was to use this story to get myself and others more excited for future installments of 'Lunar Rebellion' it worked.

beautiful story indeed such perfect emotion perfectly placed in the writing. truly one of those stories that shows that not many are capable of being immortal, for a few it is a blessing and for many a curse. i loved it all good job love it love it love it! :raritydespair:

There be liquid pride in that rain:rainbowdetermined2:

All of my this. Well said.

A drop of rain raises the sea.

I think Chengar knows that, and used it intentionally. I read that passage as Luna lamenting the loss of the familiar pronoun, the appropriate word to use with the only equal she has.
Note that in the flashback portion of the dream, Celestia used the informal 'thou', and Shadow uses the formal 'you', as would be expected from a superior to a loved subordinate, and vice verse, respectively.

Chengar, it was refreshing to read duologue with Luna that doesn't descend into Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe.

You are completely correct and I wish I'd appreciated that the first time.

I'm glad I could point it out. The added nuance it gives the story is a testament to Cengars skill with the language, and a point in support of Luna's opinion.

If so, Dash is in for some heavy liver damage.:rainbowderp:

Not sure if this is relevant but meh


Celestia spoke of giving Shadow Luna's 'abandoned mantle.' It sounds as if the power and longevity of the princesses has its source in the mantle, and only a few ponies have the potential to bear one. Cadance and Twilight would suggest that there are at least four, but it could make sense for Luna and Shadow to only be compatible with the mantle of Night. As is, the current princess count works. We have one each for Night, Day, Dawn, and Dusk.

Please stop raining! :raritycry: too much!

Would've felt more if it hadn't been for the bit in the middle where the OC apparently had the potential to replace Luna. Sorry, but even talking about replacing a canon with an OC is annoying.

very beautiful very touching story. you cover immortality well, now please understand i have to say this

celestia you are full of BULLSHIT:flutterrage:

seriously saving the country three times, saving the crystal empire, none of this is worth a single freaken miracle? thats just being selfish.

Looking forward to seeing more of this.

hey, author, you made me cry, you know that? :raritydespair:

stop writing so sáááád!!! :fluttercry:


You see, this time I vehemently disagree with Celestia.

It is one thing to deny immortality. It is another entirely different thing to cure a disease of a pony not yet enfeebled by age.

If we were to follow Celestia's mindset, we would have no treatments for cancer, heart disease, infectious disease, etc. After all, they are all 'natural' illnesses. Should we then allow all sickness to run its course and only let those live who are strong enough or lucky enough to fight off the disease on their own?

Foolishness, of course!

What is her power to heal, other than a more advanced treatment method when it comes down to it? She is being quite simple-minded.

>>>I know her children. Dinky Doo, daughter of Derpy and—well, that would be telling. I wonder if I should tell him? He doesn’t know that he even has a daughter, let alone that the mother of his child is dying right now. He is a good stallion, I am sure if he knew of his child or her mother, he would want to do something before the end came. But all that knowledge would do now is bring him grief and pain. Neigh, I think in this case we can say that ignorance is bliss.>>>

You will just sit back and not even try to save the lives of sick ponies who have children who need them... and yet you feel fine about playing God with information?

Geez, Celestia! What are you, a Democrat?

BWAH HA HA HA HA HA!! TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!! :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

PS: It's true, of course. But still, trololo. :raritywink:

>>>But Shadow Kicker was a different case. Her destiny was immortality, and so I allowed myself more openness than was prudent. I grew attached, and now the inevitability of her loss is far too painful. I wonder if this pain is something my mortal subjects face whenever somepony close to them dies? If so, then their ability to endure such losses is truly a testament to their strength.>>>

Oh dear, Emolestia again. "It hurts too much to love, so I can't never haz luv."

*sighs* And yet again, we are presented with an ancient Celestia possessing far less mental fortitude and wisdom than I by the age of 12. :facehoof:

Truly, mine is a high destiny! To ascend beyond the cosmos and drink of the very ether upon which the universe was set adrift! I SHALL BECOME LIKE UNTO THE MOST HIGH!!! (Alondro is cast down and becomes the Devil.. but not before deceiving 1/3 of the beings in heaven with his wickedly crafted lies!) :trixieshiftright: :trollestia:

But seriously, the REAL Celestia would be far wiser. At the very least she'd have come up with some convincing answers by now! All she can do is mumble some feeble excuses and let ponies scream at her? Even politicians are better than that! And all they spew are lies! :raritywink:

2685747 Heh heh, just wait until they start 'alicornicating' the rest of the Mane 6.

Once you start, god-moding characters becomes a habit. Just look at Marvel. :trollestia:


I hope not. I'll forgive them two new alicorns, but that's the limit.

But, WHY can't Celestia save Derpy? I might have missed it, but I don't think you ever touched on that.
Great job, anyway, though.:twilightsmile:

Ten thousand three hundred and seventy-four, oh, how you cut. To any other pony, you are merely a number. To me, you are yet another damning reminder of the load I must bear...

(in a corner)dam it.i'm back in a corner.(crys)

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