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Losing your virginity is a big milestone for anypony. Especially when you finally hook up with the pony of your dreams in the process. There was just one problem for Blossomforth: when she woke up the next morning, the other side of the bed was empty. Cloud Kicker wasn't there.

Sure, Blossomforth understands why Cloud Kicker wasn't there for her. Cloud's been going through a rough time lately, and maybe their hookup wasn't timed very well. However, knowing that doesn't make Cloud's absence hurt less, nor does it make Blossomforth any less lonely. Perhaps this is a sign that she needs to put some serious thought into where her relationship with Cloud is going, before things get too far out of hoof.

Part of the Winningverse. Takes place concurrently with Chapter 18 of The Life and Times of a Winning Pony.

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Aww, poor Blossom. You shouldn't be alone on the morning after.

Still.. at least you got a Rainbow-certified breakfast. :rainbowderp: :derpyderp1:

Oof... yeah. Well, at least you saw the scenery?

Wait, not graveyards are terrible scenery for a pick-me-up. Well, at least the talk with Fluttershy went-- :flutterrage:



All joking aside, Blossom's take is a little bittersweet, but very heartfelt and definitely a good read. Nice job, bud.

An interesting, sincere look into one corner of the complicated love triangle three ponies find themselves in.

Also, can we just give a shout out to Rarity here? She's been in three stories this month. It's almost like she hijacked it. Not that her doing that would surprise me... :duck:

Great little side story, makes me curious on the big secret of Fluttershy's, I have some ideas of it since there has been some hints here and there and in a forum chat or two, but I won't assume anything until it comes out in the open. And yeah threesome to foursome jokes are going to become a large part of Blossom's future.

Loved this chapter. Keep up the good work! Blossomforth is such a lovely pony and this chapter proves how -real- she can be as a character. She's not perfect or overly fault-ridden, but just enough of each to be imaginable.


Fluttershy's mysterious confession still hurts. :fluttercry:
(Still totally sticking with the crackpot theory that Sparkler is the result of a teenage pregnancy after Flight Camp. Because I'll look totally super-intelligent if it's true. And nobody will remember if I was wrong.)

So, yeah, it was a Blossom fic, but my favorite character in it, by far?
Rarity. :duck:
I'm a connoisseur of Rarity, and this chapter included one of the very best. Polite. Dignified. Incredibly socially aware. And manipulative, in a well-intentioned way. Also completely shameless, in a Rarity manner. It was a sight to behold.


Pretty sure Eepsysqueak's pregnant. Also:

(Still totally sticking with the crackpot theory that Sparkler is the result of a teenage pregnancy after Flight Camp. Because I'll look totally super-intelligent if it's true. And nobody will remember if I was wrong.)

Now EVERYONE will remember if you were wrong! Bwahaha!

You monster! :fluttershbad:

But yeah, that's theory number 2.

It would require a divergence from canon, however, short of abortion/miscarriage.

That said, if Blossom's actually okay with Cloud sleeping around (telling yourself you're at peace with the idea is much, MUCH different than actually having it happen or walking in on it) - hopefully in the future Derpy and Cloud can start seeing each other appropriately again.

Despite all the Derpy-hate from you people, she really doesn't deserve to be hurting this badly, either. Also, it's about DAMN time that Blossom admitted to herself she was a hypocrite. I've been saying that since she started the love triangle issues. She did technically intrude on a relationship already in progress for selfish reasons, and kept up that selfishness by trying to claim Cloud as her own without even the slightest claim beyond unrequited (at the time) intimate love and friendship, then acting like Derpy was the problem when she was doing the same thing Derpy was.

It made Blossom fairly unlikeable if you've been in such a situation before and know what it's like for the people involved. But... now that she's actually matured over the issue, I'm happy with her again. That was the big block that was standing in the way of character affection, there.

“I’m back, and I brought scooones!” Rarity cheerfully singsonged as she breezed through the front door, killing the awkward silence once more.

Okay, that settled it. Nopony gets their timing that perfect twice by pure coincidence. She had definitely been eavesdropping.

You have a way with making the last line of a story/chapter the best. Never change.

Also Fluttershy's secret is one of two things.
1: Fluttershy still wants to be with Cloud Kicker, even after telling Cloud she doesn't. Anyone can see this is true, but admitting it to Blossom is sorta a big thing.
2: The show canon destroying drama bombshell would be Fluttershy is pregnant with Cloud's child, via "Power of Love." I don't even know what to think if this is true.

Or maybe I'll be totally surprised. Who knows?

Like most people, I think Fluttershy's secret is that she's pregnant.

If true, the stories will either have to diverge from canon or there will be plenty of moments from the show that will become full of Funny Aneurysm Moments or Harsher in Hindsight. After all, Fluttershy's future will include:

1. Fighting and getting captured by changelings
2. Fighting Rainbow Dash in a joust and getting flung into a tent
3. Having Discord as a house guest (I don't think he'd do anything intentional, but it'd be a safe bet something would happen by accident in the chaos)

So you know, everything an expecting mother should avoid.

Honestly, I don't care for the development because it seems to be a way to prolong the Will They or Won't They for everyone involved.

Of course, I could be way off and it's just a red herring. We'll probably find out in a year.

Stupid Sexy Cloud Kicker. Stupid Sexy Fluttershy.

Fluttershy... you are the epitome of the nice guy who finishes last. There's a reason that every girl wants to be that guy's friend, and only a select few ever dare to take it farther. This is the Fluttershy who would throw herself in front of a raging Dragon to save her friends.

Then you have Rainbow Dash... the opposite of a hypochondriac, because she wouldn't diagnose herself as anything but awesome.

Remember creativity? Remember when that was a thing?
Yes, the good old days when you had to get featured by coming up with an original story... rather than getting featured based solely on the sentence structure of your title.
Oh? No one else remembers? Yeah... those times died long ago.


I enjoy seeing/reading Winningverse stories as much as you do, but I'm not prepared to assume that Chen gets featured off of brand loyalty alone. It's a thing, for sure, but Chen's good at making words otherwise. No one would have read LaToaWP if that weren't the case.

That's the worst part!
It's like seeing George Lucas continue to beat the shit out of the original Star Wars movies and just thinking "Make something new already!"
There are plenty (like, tons) of authors that piggy-back off the naming scheme purely to get featured, but Chen actually has some talent. It really makes me sad to see him using all of it to milk the same cow forever.

Rarity is best pone.:raritywink:

After Twilight. :twilightsheepish:
And Applejack.:ajsmug:


Also, that un-reveal, with Eepy? Just in case I have not made me feelings on that clear before...

EEEEEEEEEEVIL! :flutterrage:


Looking through his works, 5/15 are not related to Cloudkicker in some way. That's 33%, or one-third. And that's... something? Maybe he enjoys the universe, fame or not. I don't know Chengar personally, so I won't assume.


I dunno, if I made my own universe that got quite big, I'd write quite a few stories too. Mainly because:

a) I'd enjoy it.

And b) People clearly enjoy it, so why not flesh it out a bit more? There's nothing wrong with that. Heck, it shows talent if you manage to do it without stagnating, which Chengar is clearly pulling off here.

If you don't like the Winningverse, that's fine by me. All you have to do is not click on the fics. There's thousands of fics here, and Winningverse ones only take up a small portion of that. Allow people to enjoy what they like.

'Cause really, that's why we're all on this site, right? :pinkiehappy:

You know this story should have made me like Blossomforth and feel sympathetic towards her. But, no, still don't like her.

I'm hoping something changes my mind about her in the future. Don't know what that would be, maybe something big will happen that will cast Blossom in a while new light.

Rainbow Dash suddenly makes me think of Milly Nocturne from Lost Universe. Spectacular cook, but can't make a meal without blowing up the kitchen in the process.

Oh, how I love these alternate-perspective stories in the Winningverse...:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by nodamnbrakes deleted Oct 1st, 2013

All these side-stories for the winnigverse is just pure gold!
Adding all Those different perspectives from different persons from the same story, is geniusity (:derpyderp1: word) at it's finest :raritywink:

Keep up the fantastic work and keep the Winningverse as exciting as ever (Y)

“Thank you, Blossomforth.” She took a few moments to help her build up her nerves, then started talking, her voice so quiet and meek it barely qualified as a whisper. I almost didn’t manage to hear what she’d said at all. Almost. As the torrent of words poured out of her, I settled back onto my haunches, my jaw slack with surprise.

By the time she was done with her confession, I felt like my eyes were as wide as dinner plates. “Wow. Fluttershy, that’s ... that’s really something you shouldn’t be keeping from Cloud.”

When this is confirmed as fact I want it noted that I called it months ago.

I'm sure everyone will give a whole lot of shits about that fact :pinkiecrazy:

3282544 I know! And by the guy who writes more than half of them! Shocking isn't it?

Oh my god... Fluttershy is pregnant, and Cloudy is the other mother...

Unfortunately, this story just isn't up to the same quality as your others in my opinion. I thoroughly enjoy the winning pony because the story always seems fresh; whenever one problem is dealt with, another pops up in a natural, fluid way and it's interesting to see the characters overcome the new challenges and to see how each problem gives more depth and experience to the character. The same is true for the first few thousand words of this story, in which Blossomforth has the problem of Cloud not being there and how she struggles to deal with it. But then all on her lonesome she essentially comes to her own conclusion of 'Yeah this sucks but I understand why Cloud did it, and I will be able to get over it.' Despite this, she asks RD's opinion, and comes to the same conclusion. And then she asks Fluttershy's opinion and once again nothing much changes.

This story feels like it could have been half the length and would still be able to establish the problem, have Blossom deal with it, then give closure. With the current amount it just feels like the exact same point is made over and over, and the story tends to ramble to the point where I just skim read, wanting to get on with it. So apologies Chengar but those are my two cents.


Obligatory comment about how another fucking 'The Incredibly [Annoying Adjective] [Noun] [Preposition] [Noun]' strikes again.

Chengar, you write excellently... why not put this swill down and move on and expand? This is just... bleh. I'd actually read anything posted by you that didn't involve the 'Winningverse,' but I'm still holding my breath. Better yet, since you seem to enjoy building and expanding on a world/universe, why not just create your own outside of ponies? Anything would be better to see from you.

“That’s a stupid question! And you’re stupid for asking a stupid question like that!”

Rainbow Dash, master of the understated response.

As dramatic as that cooking experience was, I'm impressed that Dash produced what apparently was a pretty decent breakfast out of it.

Cult of Shadow, the Unconquerable Sun, Harmony

That may be a slightly fuller list of cults than we've gotten before, I'm not sure if I remember seeing the Celly one previously.

I mean, what was the worst that could happen?


Once both our cups were ready, Rarity passed each of them over, and offered us a friendly little smile. “Well, just as I feared: it seems I’ll need to pick a few things up if we’re going to have sandwiches. So, I’ll leave you two to it and be back as quick as I can. I think I might pick up some scones as well, if I can find a good bakery.”

Rarity, actual master of delicate social situations.

Oh my god, what is Fluttershy's secret! :flutterrage::twilightangry2: Argh.

3281447 I really like that small text theory. I'm assuming the guess is that Sparkler is a love child between Fluttershy and CK?

Those are prepositions, not conjunctions.


Why thank you, good sir. It's been a solid 7 years since my last English class, I'll be damned if I recall every specific aspect of the parts of sentence structuring. Now, I can make sure it's right in the future, when next week another winningverse story is featured.

3282910 I am pretty sure I mentioned in your blog on the subject that we're seeing these because they are having a month-long writing event, so it's unlikely that there'll be another one next week.

Well, Blossom's still acting like a bit of a shrew, but she has a good excuse this time and she got it through her head that she's not helping matters. On that note, I can't help but feel like Blossom and Flutters have a considerably healthier dynamic with each other than either of them do with Cloud Kicker. Probably because both of them are able to actually talk about problems instead of just trying to bury it under sex. I know I was joking about Blossom and Derpy hooking up mostly out of irony and more than a little spite at CK's absurd egotism, but Blossom/Flutters could honestly work -- really well -- if they stopped being hopelessly in love with CK.

Plus, I guess I had burned a lot of calories last night. Cloud used to always tease me about how intercourse was one of the best forms of exercise a pony could get.

Actually, it doesn't. Even if you went a whole hour with no downtime at all, it's about 210 calories -- right around most of the more sedentary activities.

Also, you've been getting really, really bad about overusing

"<statement>. Hay, <this thing happened to qualify statement>."

You used it twelve times. Over half of them happened during the bit with Dash during the first quarter of the chapter. Four of those were within a stretch of seven paragraphs (of dialogue). And every time it happens, I think of this.

When doing your last-minute proofread, you might want to hit ctrl-F, check case sensitive, and type "Hay," and see how many times it pops up and how many of them are right next to each other. Because it's a lot, and it gets jarring when you overuse it this much.

“Hey Fluttershy? Back when you and Cloud were still a couple, did she ever do that one thing with you? You know, the one where she takes her tongue and—”

-- and folded it on itself like this?

Very deep, very riveting chapter. Well done, CQ.

If I were to hazard a guess, given that the universe likes to use CK as it's punching bag - usually with CK's own help, admittedly - I would be expecting Fluttershy is pregnant after their last little bout with a Child of Love or something.

I can't think of anything else that would mess things up harder, other than maybe actually Dinky turning out to be Shining's daughter right in the middle of the wedding...!

This is a nice addition to Winning Pony, but since it didn't really fit into the original story, it makes sense for it to be it's own thing.
And why all the downvotes?

The Incredibly Awesome Repetition of Winningverse

Losing your virginity is a big milestone for anypony. Especially when you finally hook up with the pony of your dreams in the process. There was just one problem for Blossomforth: when she woke up the next morning, the other side of the bed was empty. Cloud Kicker wasn't there.

:rainbowhuh:question: how does blossomforth-a mare-lose her virginity to cloud kicker-another mare?

Comment posted by SL7 deleted Oct 1st, 2013

3283364 you know Discord was waiting, and you walked right into this

Fluttershy's Secret would have had to be something big to cause Blossomforth's reaction and "I'm still in love with Cloud Kicker" is too obvious.
It's very improbable that the Secret is "Fluttershy is pregnant" as Cloud Kicker uses "protection".
I think the "Teenage Pregnancy" theory would be the correct one.
As for who the child was, I don't think it's Sparkler. (their ages arent that far apart and Fluttershy wouldn't abandon a child.) I wonder who it could be.:scootangel:

SL7 #42 · Oct 1st, 2013 · · 1 ·

simple. you reach in and take it.
and, generally, popping the cherry is just a thing that you do. Having sex at all generally constitutes losing you virginity.


I'm considering pregnancy for the fact that Fluttershy says she'll "find someone to help her", meaning it's a current/ongoing problem, implying it has only recently come to light, and it's something important enough to Cloud Kicker that she's going to lengths to hide it from her. Said and implied that finding out now will only cause greater problems for Kicky.

Cloud knows Flutters is still in love with her to some degree, and is also still in love with Flutters. That can't be it. Teenage pregnancy... they weren't exactly late-late teens, so while it's possible it'd mean that she's had the foal and been waiting all this time to say anything. Yet she's never foreshadowed it, and she's been around ponies who would notice if she had a kid. I also can't picture the Element of Kindness giving up her own foal, even under the "It's kinder to let someone else take care of you" because that's not part of her personality. Flutters has always shown some overbearing need to take care of such things personally, both in canon and in-continuity here.

Now, my real issue is... why does Blossom not seem to remember the fight she had with Fluttershy?

You can do it Blossom! Just a few more life altering epiphanies, and you've got that mare in the bag!

3283364 Contrary to popular opinion the term "lose your virginity" does not actually refer to the breaking of the hymen except in biological terms. In reality one loses their virginity the first time they engage in sexual activity of any kind. Any other definition is self deception.

And may Chengar write many, many, MANY more Winningverse stories, just to annoy the haters.

I always love the Winningverse side stories, and this was no exception. Im not sure I can buy the whole "magical lesbian spawn" IF it comes to pass though. The whole "because magic" seems to be a bit of a cop out, if you ask me. That's just based on my preferences, and there's a good chance that it's not even that.

I can't wait to see more stuff!

Regidar #48 · Oct 1st, 2013 · · 19 ·

Do your arms ever get tired of beating this dead horse?

Regidar #49 · Oct 1st, 2013 · · 19 ·

3283320 because some people have set themselves apart from the terrifying hive-mind that is fimfiction and want to see something that isn't the fanfic equivalent of eating the same piece of shit over and over and commenting about how different it tastes each time it goes though.

Its going to get to the point where I groan out load whenever a new winningverse fic shows up soon.

The drama is getting stale now, even as Cloud and Blossom start seeing things how they are.

And this Flutter-bombshell just appears to be prolonging this story, not adding something gripping or intense, just, putting the dead horse on life support.

I agree with the haters, loath as I am to. Its time Cloudy got off her plot and bucked up.

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