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  • E Grievance

    Lyra’s shenanigans get her injured and sent straight to the hospital, leaving her best friend, Bon Bon, frustrated. So when she goes to visit her friend at the hospital, Bon Bon ponders about the future of their friendship and how Lyra can change  · currentlemon
    2,974 words · 117 views  ·  11  ·  1  · 
  • E The Muffinborn

    In this land of Equestria the nine holds are in disarray, torn apart by the brewing civil war ensued by two sisters. In the midst of this chaos, an unlikely hero emerges, yet she is not as she seems.  · Agentmlp412
    1,485 words · 22 views  · 
  • T Friendship Bling and Changing Things

    During her brother's surprise wedding, Twilight meets an old demon from her past that will most assuredly change her, and her family's life forever. In other words, literally nothing goes to plan, and everybody suffers because of green bug bitch.  · WeatheredField
    15,286 words · 2,272 views  ·  328  ·  16  · 
  • T Starts with F, Ends with L

    Lyra and Bon-Bon discuss having a foal.  · TooShyShy
    3,958 words · 425 views  ·  31  ·  2  · 
  • T Eleven Little Ponies

    After Equestria was left without the monarchs or the elements of harmony, an elite assassin agency was created in the crystal empire to protect the citizens of Equestria. Will a traitorous mole ruin the organization?  · Forefront1
    3,711 words · 59 views  · gore  · 
  • T No Choice

    When a spy has only one option, it's easy to act. For Agent Sweetie Drops, that's the problem.  · Trick Question
    1,678 words · 296 views  ·  25  ·  3  · 

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