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Spike is a dragon with mare troubles, and one of those mares just happens to be his mother. When he meets Lyra, who has troubles of her own, he hatches a plot that they think will be mutually beneficial.

Special thanks to Setokaiva for his proofing work.
Spanish translation by SPANIARD KIWI can be found here

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Unfortunately im at work right now, but im reading this asap!

Dude.... This. Was. Awesome!!!!
I mean, first off you have brony references in the story: “Well there are adults too,” she stated matter of factly. “We mostly just kind of keep it on the downlow. Most ponies don’t understand that an adult can be really into something made for kids, like little toy dragons, and be perfectly normal everyday folks.”
And the story in general is just amazing. How you made Spikes character was awesome. And your Bon-Bon is just as I pictured her.
Great job dude. In my opinion 10/10 stars. :pinkiehappy:

Yes. This fic was what I have been waiting for for months. Thank you.

This is a great and meaningful story with a great pairing. I don't think anyone has done this shipping yet so you did Spike shippers a huge service.:moustache:

There needs to be more of this ship.

Oh goodness. The Spike shipz be pulling me in.

4339989 there are two others of this ship, but they pale in comparison

I was wondering if you do a Spike X Bon Bon shipping?

Near the beginning: We haven't seen much of Lyra in canon, but this fits her like O.J. Simpson's glove fits Optimus Prime.

At the end: OK, whatever. It works anyway. Plus, she could have changed in the intervening years.

Comment posted by Max deleted May 5th, 2014

Wow. This as surprisingly fresh and nice!
One of the best reads ive had on a while, definitely worth a favourite.

There needs to be more of this. Make more. Please make more.

Comment posted by Doctor Elite deleted May 5th, 2014

My only regret is that I have only one like I can give to this story

I am shocked, and confused, good sir. Shocked and confused as to why there isn't more chapters. Please rectify this with haste.

I actually bothered to go and use the follow feature on this site. It leaves an itch in my soul, but seeing as how you are pumping out quality works in a consistent and timely fashion I can live with it.
Also, great job on the story. You're just sailing all the ships out to sea and all the ladies are being drawn like one of your french girls, and I approve wholeheartedly.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story, Doctor Elite, but I'm sorry, I had to delete your comment. Your enthusiasm is appreciated, but if I have to swipe twice on my tablet to see past the amount of white space in your comment, it's too much white space.

Mommy Velvet, I freaking loved that.

Aside from that, dude, this was awesome!

but all it did in the end was make him a weird peg: one that hadn’t fit in Rarity’s hole and probably wouldn’t fit in another hole either.


Any chance that we might see a sequel?

For some strange, unknown reason, my mind played this out with everyone anthro. For me, that means you wrote an amazing story. Have a like and follow.
Haters gonna hate.
What does that have to do with the story!?
That's my answer to the hate you're gonna get for that anthro comment.

I love the way you casually broke the fourth wall while making it fit into the story perfectly.

Damn dude, just... damn! I was hoping it'd never end and I could stay in the ceaseless euphoria that's a super duper fantastirific story, buuut nooo, of course not!

Like n fav five :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: 's out of five, 10/10, would read again!

--Pyro The Faithful Reader

Spike shipping at its finest...

He’d been born a square peg, and Rarity had been his round hole. He’d spent years shaving off his rough edges, reshaping himself to fit that round hole, but all it did in the end was make him a weird peg: one that hadn’t fit in Rarity’s hole and probably wouldn’t fit in another hole either.

Oh lawd...

y there no more chapters?

but seriously i loved it. such a sweet story one of the better ones I've ever read

He’d been born a square peg, and Rarity had been his round hole. He’d spent years shaving off his rough edges, reshaping himself to fit that round hole, but all it did in the end was make him a weird peg: one that hadn’t fit in Rarity’s hole and probably wouldn’t fit in another hole either.

I was going to make a wry comment about your innuendo in this paragraph just as I got to the paragraph below it, which made me bust a gut, literally (I'm sending you my surgeon's bill by the way). This story deserves an upvote for those two paragraphs alone.

That aside, this is one of those once-in-a-blue-moon works of absolute brilliance that you stumble across on this site every once in a while. It's brilliantly written, the characters are marvelous, the romance is well-developed (none of that sappy "love at first sight" or even "love on first date" schlock. The characters are believable. The emotional moments are weighty and the comedy moments had me laughing like mad. You strike a fine balance with this story and one that many authors (including myself) can't pull off.

TLDR version: This is good stuff.

This was cute. I enjoyed it very much.

Heh, that story was great. Spike really is a massive dork and I'd love to see more of this. Have a watch and a fav my friend.:moustache:

I liked this. Definitely a pairing I wasn't expecting, and I kept expecting other love interests to be introduced, but I was pleasantly surprised you didn't. The quality of this has me wondering if you've written other things and if they're as good. Off to explore I go~!

This gets ten seagulls out of ten.


This is just flat-out great. Wonderfully eccentric, yet down-to-earth, personalities, cool dialogue, and the prose, structure, pacing, and character development - to my limited knowledge - is all-around excellent. I hope you're putting this up for EqD consideration; it really needs to get around and be experienced. Edit: Nevermind. You seem to be enjoying the feature box.

“You were super down to earth and nice, and… you were just a cool guy all around.

I swear I typed that paragraph before reaching this sentence. I copied no phrases but the ones in my brain.

Now it seemed that Bon-Bon also wanted a one-on-one interview.

Nothing big, but this one sentence is kinda heavy on the tell and low on the show. We already know what's happening, so deleting it would make the rest of the paragraph move a little more snappily. That's the one and only edit that I recommend.

Good read. I really appreciated the character development.

5/5 Spikes

This is some grade A shit right here

CONDRAGONLATIONS on the Feature Box! I 'do love this romantic little tale of yours, and I hope it stays up there perm-anently! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!

This was startlingly well done for a one-shot uncommon shipping pair. I got a "Hey There Keanu" vibe from Spike sitting on the bench, and it fell right into a plot that definitely engrossed me and left me genuinely startled by the plot twist. It was laid on a little thick at first, but in the end I think it was a good choice to use Twilight Velvet instead of Twilight Sparkle as the instigator of the new crush. Also, thank you for not making Rarity "to blame" for the end of their relationship. Despite the best of intentions and hopes, sometimes it just doesn't work out. I thought that Velvet's explanation of them being an "old married couple before their relationship even began" was very apt.

Well done all around. As Mane-iac said, con-dragon-lations in getting the piece featured.

Alright, you got me. I'm giggling and reading at the same time.

A must-read sequel feels in place.

I like these slice of life stories.

wow its been a while since ive read a fic this good well done!

Battle Walrus Mount

I love you.

Holy crap this was great :pinkiehappy:
Love your version of Lyra; reminds me a lot of my best friend.

Nicely done - bonus points for an unusual pairing.

A SpikexLyra story? That's certainly new for me, and definitely one of the better shipping stories I've seen. A well earned feature!

Excellent work. A pretty long one-shot that was worth reading to the end. Seemed a lot shorter than that for some reason.

It seems like you can ship just about any character if you do it right. :rainbowkiss:

the first sentence-
"Spike sat on his little stool behind the check out counter of the library, his forehead pressed firmly against the wood in a desperate attempt to become one with the tree."

*likes and favorite*

>Sees story, "Hm. What's this?"
>Reads summary, for some reason, thinking that it had something to do with Spike's claw-hands.
>Reads story, "This is awesome. Now, how long's it been up?"
>Sees oldest comment is about 22 hours old, "...:twilightoops: You mean I found one of these when they were recent?!"

This thing is awesome, you are awesome. Everything is awesome.
Five Rainbow Dashes-
-out of five, for you!


Spike with Battle Walrus Mount

This had all of my lol.

Awesome!!! XD
Famous Spike was all like:

This had some good turns of phrase in it, and uncomfortable conversations with loved ones are uncomfortable.

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