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A group dedicated to the adventures of Secret Agent Sweetie Drops/Bon Bon. Protecting Equestria from all sorts of nasty monsters and ghouls.

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"If KP doesn't think of that first, I'm going to be very disappointed..."


What do you need help with?

Anyone out there who could possibly help me with my story :derpytongue2:

Whoever added my story to this group, thanks!

Cant hear Bon Bon or Sweetie Drops without hearing animatedjames singing

i'm your basic average mare doing things you'd never dare you cant stop me cause i'm agent Sweetie Drops:rainbowlaugh:

Ever since the Slice of Life episode, I've really been interested in Sweetie Drops. I really do :raritystarry:. There's just one thing I haven't done :applejackunsure: ... Read a fic about her as an agent :rainbowkiss:. I actually need fics for ideas on my LyraBon fic :heart: which I have been planning for a week now. It covers from Lyra and Bon Bon's past to the current happenings in the show. Even featuring events like Hearts and Hooves day, Canterlot wedding, etc. I'm bringing the whole shebang :flutterrage: even human world and an OC (maybe even include changelings, but minor roles as much as possible) in this fic! You'll all either be intrigued or begging for a new chap :trixieshiftright::raritywink:!!! I just need ideas. :twilightoops: A lot of it so that I could fit it all in one fic (which might have a sequel since it's packed with adventure, drama, romance, etc) and finally make it!!! :pinkiecrazy: Even while typing this, I'm hyperactive!!! Mega Hype train coming through :trollestia::derpytongue2:!!!


Thanks for joining. I will try to do my best to make sure all Agent Sweetie Drops stories are added.

399664 i was just as surprised, though no less pleased.

YES! There IS a group for this!

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