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An enthusiastic violinist dedicated to lend a hoof to ponies all across the seven seas under the banner of the element of generosity herself, Rarity! ;P

Chant at Sea! Yarr! ;P

Knowing Your Captain

A fresh new crew I see. First of all, I'd like to thank you for finding my ship! I certainly need sailors like you to try to explore the world! In a vast world like this, I never expected for my myths or tales to reach your shores.

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As your beloved captain, I am here to tell you that we are on a mission! A mission to share the element of generousity (and all the other harmonies of course. Yet generousity is dominant...) since I am an apprentice of Rarity! And as part of my generousity, I am here to offer you any kind of help without expecting anything in return! Whether it's writing a story, taking a time to look at your comments or fanarts, or whatever it is that you need assistants with (but not as a proofreader since I'm not yet good with that yet).

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If you're wondering what kinds of content I provide, my best is probably music!!! Second only to writing. Other contents include interest for arts ( the ones I really love obviously! Though I don't make them. Well, at least not yet. Being a writers has its perks like being imaginative), discussing topics about history, playing video games, capturing great photographic sceneries, and probably entertaining my crew such as you with my hyperactive energy :pinkiecrazy (which is why Pinkie is my 2nd fav among the mane six. Pretty sure it's obvious who is my first since she's my prof pic)!!!!


Artwork Found Here! (Highly recommend checking)

Finally, I am looking for sailors with big roles like a navigator, carpenter or quarter master (and maybe a gunner). To translate it, I'd be delighted to work with you if you are a writer, proofreader/editor, someone who has an idea, or knows any great or undiscovered songs (anything ranging from classical, to jazz, pop [hell, even k-pop because I do love it!] and even dubstep)!!! (and for the gunner part, you can be one right now by helping me spread my myth or tale to others) It's actually one of the best ways for me to know you and vice versa. Done it a few times and I have made strong bonds with them! Just PM you have any other questions or about to apply for any of those positions.

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Want to know the best part? If you are always there in my posts always show your full support, you can get a shout out or something! In fact, why not do it now?! So yeah, shout out to MysteriousStranger who was the first pony I approached and instantly became besties!!! Though I must clarify that you are all special to me in your own way. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you all!!!

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Congratz to finally making it in the end! For that, I promote you to be my first mate or something. Now let's go get ourselves more sailors to join as shall we!!!

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;P (<--- My signature when I post quotes, post something about or to tease you. So... ;P

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2143454 I've recently moved. About to delete this old one (or else I might get sued :twilightoops:). If you're interested, I'm just over here :derpytongue2:. Going to release a fic next week unless I get busy :unsuresweetie:. Hint is, it's related to the new episode "No Second Prances" :trixieshiftleft:. Hopefully, you'll enjoy! :scootangel:

Im from baguio city . The title of the song is dragon force trough flames and fire try to listen To it, your mind will be blown with its awsomess.
And About the story its in progress i have a tight schedule in college but i will give some time to write it. and Also im the only brony in school so Its really boring

The filipino flag group

2118756 Hehe... You wouldn't believe how much my school is in to K-POP (It's a Filipino school BTW).:scootangel: Got7, BTS, IKON, Big Bang, you name it :twistnerd:. As for rock, my father has influenced me a lot from his old bands he knows. :twilightsmile:An actual lot that I can't mention them all. :derpyderp2:But I still have a lot to learn so what you mention a while ago, Dragons, haven't heard of them. :rainbowhuh: But I'm focused on Dubstep at the moment. :coolphoto:But I'm not all about the bass. Often than not, I actually prefer relaxing ones:eeyup: (with some or minor bass). People like Volterix I really enjoy. As for other genres and ones you've suggested, will check them as well as soon as I have free time. :rainbowkiss: Though mind sending me a link to shorten my search? :pinkiehappy: Just put everyone that's on your mind. I am a music pony by heart. :ajsmug:

BTW, where are you from in the Pines? (Been playing COC so I use that term :trollestia:) I'm from Quezon City and province is Bicol. But I'm currently abroad with family in a country called Qatar if you happen to know:twilightsheepish:. And lastly, I looked over your prof and saw you had one story. When are you going to release it to the public though? :duck:And what is it all about?:trixieshiftright:

2118757 Which one? HIE? Agent Sweetie Drops? Mind if you could specify?:twilightsheepish:

And btw is found u in the group that i enjoy readng

I think anything i really want all my most favorite is rock musta din
Big Bang in korea kansas eagles if you want kolohakai for regae i also listen to the beat of nujabes and slow ride thats my list mmm and also try trough the fire by dragons a rock band

2114584 Kumusta :scootangel:. Need anything from me? :pinkiesmile: You perphaps interested in my upcoming fic? :rainbowkiss: If you are, I'm still a little caught up with school work. :twilightoops: Good news is that I just need to revise a few things before I can finally publish it :raritywink:.

While I'm at it, do you have any songs or artist you would like to suggest for me? :trixieshiftright: I am open for any music genres (Classics, Dubstep, K-Pop, Rock, etc.) :raritystarry:. It will actually help greatly in my fic in some way :yay:.

2073526 I usually don't get unexpected visitors :twilightblush:. To what do I owe your visit? And sorry for the late reply. So much to do this holiday that I didn't check my own prof :facehoof:. Seen me in a group post, blog, story or liked my idea on something :twilightsmile:

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Ship Decommissioned · 1:32pm Jun 16th, 2016

Before you ask any further questions, let your captain role play for a bit. He's always fond of it ;P

It has come to my attention this account hasn't had any activity for the past few months.
"Aye captain. Why haven't we had any shippings for months?"
I have to come clean with you lads. I'm not your captain anymore. In fact, I'm decommissioning this vessel. No more shippings.

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