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Im just an ordinary guy, who enjoys reading fun stories. Sic Nos Sic Sacra Tuemur

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Helping Hoof. · 5:20am Mar 4th, 2017

Hi everyone. I need a little assistance from anybody here who uses skype and knows it's ins and outs. Recently I had an issue where it said I was already sign in and couldn't get back in, so I googled how to fix it. I did what the person suggested and it worked, however, it deleted all of my chat history with my friends. I lost all of my messages and all of the work on Roleplays we were doing together. I managed to get over it with help from my friends and decided to continue on. But today I

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If you've read The Day of the Triffids,it's inspired by that. I'll probably add some Trickles elements, and a few from another story not related to MLP I've written as well. The difference will be, whereas the Trickles had a myth surrounding them, the new creatures will be more of a mystery as to their origin at first.

Glen Gorewood

2311827 Okay. Will they truffles in the story be like the Trickles only fungus ponies instead of water ponies?

You haven't said anything stupid, it's a perfectly reasonable question to ask on your part.
I mean the fungus, a rare delectable treat that actually tastes very good.

The question is because one of my stories this month involves truffles in a way.

Glen Gorewood

2311291 You are welcome.:twilightsmile: Do you mean truffles as in the fungus, or like chocolate truffles?

Forgive me if I have said something stupid.

Thank you for adding Trickles to your favorites, there will be a sequel in time.
And what do you think of..Truffles?

Glen Gorewood

  • Viewing 35 - 39 of 39
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