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There is no group for Bon Bon???
I'm not joking! The only other group with her in it is a shipping group "Lyra and Bon-Bon," but no group for her exclusively!

(I honestly love Bon Bon more than Lyra...)

Anyway, here's to the first group dedicated to her! Add stories, talk, discuss her amazing acting abilities, devour her delectable treats; have fun and love Bon Bon!!!

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My friend Skaltrox defiance Knight created a whole collab group about students at a high school in Western Australia who end up as anthropomorphic versions of the ponies from the show (OC's and Canon ponies welcome!)

we have a Lyra Heartstrings story, and she could use a Sweetie Drops/Bon Bon, and I am using Applejack in the story. She could use Apple Bloom and Babs Seed as well as the members of her family.


Umm... that's just a nickname ah gave her, it's a long story...

-Apple Bloom

I love Sweetie Drops. She is such a fine background character.

Hope you guys don't mind but I added my story in the folders. :trollestia:

329648 dat face... she likes! She likes!


There's no other group than this one dedicated to bon-bon?:derpyderp2:

Oh well. Aside from Derpy, Bon-Bon is my favorite background pony character. And soon, I'll write a story dedicated to this group!:pinkiehappy:


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