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You gotta love her! Look: she loves you!:heart:

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379028 Will soon. Writing up a song on a blog post atm:derpytongue2:

379021 Ooooh! Now it has a mix of spooky and threatening:pinkiegasp:

379018 My last year's Nightmare Night pic was better:trollestia:

Seriously, tho, is nice. Though it feels more threatening than spooking from the missing detail that comes with a smaller image:twilightsmile:


Indeed. How is my spooky avatar?

378544 School and the comp being in my bro's room, eh:ajbemused:

378542 Yush.:rainbowderp: Though i haven't been on for over a week:derpytongue2:


Not only that, but I seem to be everywhere that you are.

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