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I'm a man from California who likes to fight with swords and believe immortality is a curse not a gift. I will not let Twilight suffer that! Got to break the curse.

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  • 6 weeks
    What I'm up to Now

    Hello everyone.

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  • 14 weeks
    Its Over

    Well, been a year and over three months since I began this mission to give people who didn't want Twilight to outlive her friends an alternative. But now it is finally time for that to end. My story Luster Dawn New Days has finally been completed, the final two chapters are out and the curse of immortality is broken in my headcanon. I hope you have all enjoyed this story thus far. I remember making the story as Passing On Together, and have honored that old one by giving the final chapter the

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  • 14 weeks
    The End of New Days to Come

    Well its almost done. The next chapter has been put up but not published yet, it will be let out along with the last chapter on the same day either this week or the next. We're on the home stretch. I hope all of you have been reading it have enjoyed this story and that it has given you a good alternative to Twilight outliving her friends.

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  • 15 weeks
    Final Battle For New Days

    The chapter is written and just awaiting editing by second Editor now. Should be out either tomorrow or the next day and only two more chapters to go. Luster, Twilight and all their friends face off against Grogar in a final battle to save Equestria.

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  • 16 weeks
    My Group Reposting

    Hello to my followers,

    I've been working on this cause for a long time, and since my part is nearly complete I would like to extend an invitation to all of you who like my story preventing Twilight from outliving her friends. Please join my group Twilight Still Will Not Outlive Her Friends which I put up over a year ago. My story as well as others are there to read. Let us all unite for a happier ending than a poor pony cursed to watch those closest to her die.

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What I'm up to Now · 5:47am April 3rd

Hello everyone.

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Hates a strong word, I'd prefer dislike. Immortality is a curse that makes you watch everyone you love die. It has a positive side in keeping you alive, but I'm not interested unless I have to in order to avoid dying within the year or until I get my mission in life done. Even if I knew I could handle the pain, I'm not interested. If you think living forever is awesome you just do you, but I won't let life be awesome, at least not a whole lot. My mission demands the sacrifice of my happiness.

Edit: That is just a character. A villainous one at that. We might get along on that point but I doubt we'd see eye to eye on much more.

I go by the acceptance of death way. Just accept the fact that you will die and don't worry about it. This video is more my line of thinking, especially toward the end where the third brother welcomes death as an old friend and goes with him gladly. He lived a full happy life, unlike the other two who let their selfish desires get the better of them and it let death take them prematurely. If Death came for my right now, I'd fight it. But once my job is done it can take me.

Death is not the enemy of life. It is part of it, just as darkness as a part of light. They need each other in order for there to be balance. Many fear death, but I have risen above that.

Do you know about Astelle?

She also hates immortality. I think you two would go along very well.

my bad, I thought you were leaving for a little bit- awkward.

What do you mean break?

Enioy your well deserved break, can't wait to see future projects, have a great day!:heart:

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