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Hello and Welcome!
This is a group is for people who like to see
Twilight Sparkle being shipped together with
anypony and everypony! from Celestia to Pip,
if twilight is in it, it belongs here.
Mysticalpha to be blamed for picture above

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what about twilight and oc ponies is that cool

Oh my, it appears somepony has added my story (Ace's Spell Shop) to this group. I do hope everypony enjoys it!

Hey guys, chelis here

now i know when Flash Sentry made his bradical debut many of the community went up in arms in defense of their waifu, so i decided to make a ship(ish) fic anyway!

come check out "The Bradical Adventures of Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry"

Does this group accept crossover pairings as well? I was just wondering.

282387 Agreed, and caplize the other t in Twilight in the summary for this group.

Not bad. Now just put some actual twi shipping stories in a folder.

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