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Critiquing Skills and my own Read Later List · 3:53am Jun 6th, 2014

I've added a Custom Box to the near-top of my profile page listing my new "Read Later List" of a custom variety. Relating this to my Critiquing Skills, I have decided that I have become decidedly rusty in my ability to critique and pick apart a story. However, I don't necessarily have the time nor the inclination to go out and start taking on requests to critique stories I'm not necessarily interested in. So, in an effort to keep my skills sharp without adding an undo amount of stress to my

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My Ever-Growing List of Stories to Read and Stories I've Read (With Thoughts)

Currently Reading: Eljunbyro

Thoughts So Far (Sans Spoilers): Only just started reading. Literally just started. Also, Austraeoh was such a slice of awesome, I think I'm going to have trouble drawing up a proper critique of it. I will not be critiquing Eljunbyro or future sequels.

Finished Reading (And Enjoyed):

Lost and Found by Cloudy Skies
Length: 168,377 words
Genre: Romance, Adventure
Personal Rating: 5/5
Thoughts (Sans Spoilers): It's not often that I come across a story for which I have close to no complaints. Usually, I can find something wrong with the story. Some consistent flaw throughout that bugged me, but may not have necessarily made the story bad. Usually. This is not one of those times.
"Lost and Found" was... well it was an Adventure, just as the genre has it pegged. There were quite a few aspects of romance, too. But... I mean just wow. This was one of those stories that, once I picked it up, you had to fight me to get me to put it down. The writing is superb, and there were only one or two times where I was at all put off by the flow, and it was usually corrected. I can't seem to remember any consistent grammar errors throughout the story. The author does an excellent job of describing what is going on.
Conflict throughout the story is handled very well, and PoV transitions are handled smoothly. Not once did I lose interest in what was going on. Honestly, this is just one of those stories that I feel should be read.
If I had to pick a single complaint about the story, it would be that the ending was a bit... well, I can't say too much without spoilers (I'll dive more in depth in my Additonal Notes for those interested), but the ending was a bit off-putting for me personally. I won't say how, since that would be spoilers, but I will say it wasn't by much, and it didn't really hurt the story.
All in all, this is a great read, and I recommend it to anyone who loves a good Adventure. A lot of thought was put into the plot of the story, and the author weaves a very interesting tale. It has earned a perfect rating from me.
Additional Thoughts (Spoiled): As mentioned in the non-spoiled thoughts, I had only one complaint, and that was with the ending of the story. It seemed to me that around the time that Brighthoof confronted Twilight, and perhaps even as far back as when the train arrived in Ponyville, the pacing of the story took a sudden an unexpected upturn. However, thinking back on it, I am heavily aware of just how eventful those particular scenes were, and it is more than possible that I got caught up in the excitement and merely read much faster and with much more fanaticism than I normally do. That said, it was still very well executed, and I'm not sure I would have it any other way.

A Bluebird's Song by Ardensfax:
Length: 205,887 words
Genre: Romance, Sad, Dark, Adventure
Thoughts (Sans Spoilers): The story was an excellent read, very heartwarming in places. It dipped a bit into dark, especially towards the end, but I thought it was nicely balanced with the romance aspects. If anything, the romance came on a bit strong at some points, perhaps not for me but for someone who isn't into it as much, it might be a slight turnoff.
The pacing at the beginning of the story was, however, rather fast and I feel it could have benefited from slowing down. However, it didn't take long for the author to take hold of things and balance that back out. The story resolved itself fairly well at the end, and the emotional rollercoaster left off at just the right speed.
Despite the few flaws it has, "A Bluebird's Song" more than makes up for it with the amount of character development that goes into the story. The relationships between the various ponies lead to some interesting conflicts and revelations, and everyone remains fairly in-character throughout the story.
Finally, I feel the need to point out that it actually took some digging for me to do a small review on this story. While I can remember good feelings from this story and stuff, it wasn't super memorable to me, for whatever reason. That may be entirely different to someone else, but I guess it just lacked... impact, I suppose. However, I believe this to be a personal problem with the story as opposed to an objective one.
Additional Thoughts (Spoiled): I thought the conflict with Sunset was fairly brilliantly done, myself. A racist group of equines being present in Equestria makes the conflicts between the ponies seem much more real, and brings to light some interesting facts that the show seems to ignore. As for the idea that Pegasi don't actually need wings to fly, but rather use them as a focal point for a magic that is more reliant in how confident they are in themselves is quite fascinating. I find it a bit hard to swallow that it isn't a widely known truth in the pegasi community that this is how their magic actually works, even if most pegasi aren't actually interested in the magic and there have been suppression efforts. They've had several thousand years to figure it out after all, and I got the idea that Celestia already knew herself how it worked, or should have known herself and would have been willing to let them know and get the word out. Sunset couldn't have been that big, after all. However, this may be because I am forgetting some of the points the author may have made throughout. Besides, I am more than willing to put on suspension of disbelief, as that is ultimately a nitpick, and there could be a variety of reasons that the facts weren't always so clear.
Personal Rating: 4/5

Stories To Be Read*

*In no particular order by which they will be read.

1.) The Entire "Austraeoh" series by Imploding Colon
2.) The Life and Times of a Winning Pony by Chengar Qordath
3.) Allegrezza by CoffeeGrunt
4.) Address Unknown by Remedy
5.) Archmage by Loyal
6.) Cloud Nine by Professor Toast
7.) The Flight of the Alicorn by Ponydora Prancypants
8.) Machinations of a Trickster by Deviance
9.) Syncopation by Terrasora
10.) Taken for Granite by Cloudy Skies
11.) Earth & Sky by Warren Hutch
12.) The End of Ponies (Again) by shortskirtsandexplosions
13.) The Games We Play (Again) by AbsoluteAnonymous
14.) The Immortal Game by AestheticB
15.) It Takes A Village (Again) by determamfidd
16.) Macintosh (Again) by TotalOverflow
17.) A Twixie Love Story by Yukito
18.) Upheaval: Breaking Point by Visiden Visidane
19.) Where Loyalties Lie: Honor Guard by LoyalLiar
20.) Background Pony (Again) by shortskirtsandexplosions
21.) Bringing Up Blueblood by InsertAuthorHere
22.) Evening Flames by Nicknack
23.) Families by [url=htt://www.fimfiction.net/user/Darth+Link+22]Darth Link 22
24.) Family Mares (Again) by **** (Original author removed story. Name withheld to respect wishes. Reposted (with permission) by SolidFire)
25.) The Fears of Yesterday (Again) by **** (Original author removed story. Name withheld to respect wishes. Reposted (with permission) by SolidFire)
26.) Human (Again) by DannyJ
27.) My Little Alicorn (Again) by InsertAuthorHere
28.) Our Professional Lives (Again) by GingerNutGin
29.) Past Sins by Pen Stroke
30.) The Age of Wings and Steel by DSNesmith
31.) The Best Night Ever by Capn_Chryssalid
32.) The Best of All Possible Worlds by McPoodle
33.) This Platinum Crown by Capn_Chryssalid

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