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Tensions grow hotter in the mining town of Farrington after the events of one disastrous night. The fallout from this blaze will test many citizens' relationships in fire. Some will falter, but some may perservere.

Before any repairing can begin, ponies—and one griffin—will have to take stock of their pasts, or else their futures may end up strangled by their scars.

Note: This is a sequel to Summer Days. I strongly encourage reading that story first.

Special thanks to Gaiascope for this awesome cover!

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 360 )

It's here! It's finally here!

Huzzah! I've been waiting for this!

Damnit, why does this always happen to me? :twilightangry2: I'm too busy to read it now, but I want to read it so bad!
Edit: Well, balls, that's a lot of tension going all around. So Nick, are we ever gonna get a deeper look into Maxie's mind? I think there's a lot of potential there.

Meh. Read it.
Spoiler: Iron Bulwark is actually a Diamond Dog.

Let the stench of fish out.

That is all

Out of my right one, I saw was in a hospital room

Missing word. "I saw I was"

Bah. Thank you for that, though.

Firstly, is the the same story from yet another series of perspectives and a different starting point? This is like the 4th one now! I'm getting confused!


>>>I would kill their entire filthy race before I let that happen.>>>

Next he'll be shouting "Sig Heil!" and loading griffons into camps...

He must be killed immediately. You know, to stop the violence! :trollestia:

If you're "here" in the story, this is a rewrite of Summer Days and Evening Flames chapters 7.5 - 10. The overarching plot is similar, but I took a different direction to get there.

Wow. Starfall is still an asshole in this version. A truly tremendous asshole.

Well, yes, Iron's regret and Gilda's snarkiness in the face of betrayal are interesting, I still can't get over how much of a douchebag Starfall is at this point in the story.

Between his knife-weilding friends


Looking forward to reading more of this.

I like how the rewrite has developed on Starfall's line of thinking, you see where the hatred is coming from.
Looking forward to the rest of the chapters.

When is the next chapter coming out?

Well, Starfall is still an ass, Iron Bulwark is feeling the consequences of his rashness, and Gilda is suffering. All very compelling, and all and all exactly what I was expecting from a . . . Actually, come to think of it, what is this series' name anyways? :rainbowhuh:

And yes, I am looking forward to future updates. :pinkiehappy:

If I had to give it a name, I'd call it Verbannungsprüfung. Because the messed up part is, the more of Gilda's past she overcomes, the more she actually falls in line with the traditional intent (self-actualization) of that banishment quest.

I read this an hour or two ago, but I didn't really have a post for it. Now I do.

I have been waiting for this since I finished Summer Days, as it is really the only story with a griffon/gryphon/griffin/however the hell you spell it that I really, really like. I hope Gilda gets back together with Iron (that's his name right? I kinda forgot), true love prevails and all that, right?

2417112 Well, one of the themes of the story seems to be you either make something of your life or you waste away and die, like the spirit wolf said. Starfall is wasting while Gilda is flaggingly trying to make something of a bad situation. I can see Starfall becoming completely unhinged as the story keeps going, maybe even selling out to Redhooves (It'd be far too easy if he was working for Redhooves the whole time).

I can only wait, eager with anticipation.
Edit: Also, congratulations on making the top of the featured box.

Bloody pissed! Got no notification on this, and only found that you had posted it because it's on the front page! :ajbemused: Will read, will love.

Quite possibly the most horrendous abortion of attempted literature ever produced. I cannot possibly downvote hard enough to give evidence my contempt.

Oh, you have no idea. Regardless, is this tale not a farse? A horrid contortion of the written word? Be honest, and you cannot say no.

I kind of get what you are doing with the barely delineated narrator shifts... but I really don't think it makes up for how confusing it makes the writing.

Yeah, that's Fimfic's CSS for horizontal rules. I start every perspective with a little hint about who's speaking, though (within the first three paragraphs).

Unless you're talking about the one-sentence perspective at the end, in which case... I love the brevity of it far too much to bog it down with explicitly stating "The one person in this story who ever flies south to the lake is Gilda."


The one at the end is very well executed. But with, say, the one before that it took like a paragraph for me to realize the perspective had changed, and that's bad. Generally, you just don't change first person perspective like that within a chapter. I guess the only useful suggestion I can think of is that the three asterisks break is more noticeable than the horizontal line break, so the way they are used now is kind of backwards because noticing a narrator change is way more important than noticing a scene break.


Pretty awesome so far though, otherwise. Is it weird that Gilda is the only one I actually have any sympathy for about all this?

I feel zero sympathy for Iron....jerk.
Quite a bit of sympathy for Gilda. I assume claws grow back?
If not...losing one's talons forever seems....I don't know- I can't see her NOT tackling Sherry for that. Seems almost as serious as ripping off a limb, for a predator. I just feel adding a permanent handicap just seems a bit much......especially considering how much stuff already has been heaped on her as a character.
Either way, I hope she gets her claws back XD (unicorn magic?)

It seems like Sherry just chopped off the tips of her talons which are basically large fingernails so they'll grow back.


That's what I'm hoping- Gilda's comment about being de-clawed like an animal is the reason I asked. De-clawing a cat or dog is a permanent thing...but half an inch SHOULD grow back.
I'm starting to want to smack Iron a LOT more, and hug Gilda more XD

Oh, he's just bitter about things and one of the eight people I trust to preread this story.

I have so missed this. And the rewrite (is it a rewrite? I can't seem to remember some of the parts, which is rare for me) is great. Can't wait for the continuation.:pinkiehappy:

The angst, it burns!!

... I like the story, though. :pinkiehappy:

Still, I am hoping Iron does not have it easy from Gilda just because he regrets the impartialness. By all rights, I don't think he was impartial anyway, trying to satisfy the anti-griffin town, even after looking at all the facts.

... Fact is, Starfall didn't just attack Gilda. He. Attempted. Murder. And the town would let him get away with it because it was 'just that griffin'.

... And as for Sherry... she has, as of the current standing of the story, gone from a pony I like to a pony I despise. Hey, Sherry, I wonder how you'd like it if I 'de-clawed' you? Come on, hold out your hoof. Yes, it's very petty of me, but also in pettiness, Gilda has become one of my fave characters since I joined the fandom.


I take back my comments then XD

Same story a little later on. Multiple perspectives is part of the story structure all the way through but becomes more common when there are more characters around.

this took long! I'm so glad it's back.

I can't express how happy I am that this story is going on. I remember following it back when it was on Equestria Daily. Big brony nostalgia for me here.

As usual, your pacing, grammar, and characterization are impeccable.

Keep up the good work!

You have been Saturday Showcased. :twilightsmile:


You're welcome. You most certainly deserve it. :twilightsmile:

Please make things right between Gilda and Iron :fluttercry: also great story please update again soon

I don't understand, Sherry seemed to understand that Gilda was so much a victim as she was law breaker, yet now, she's acting like a jerk:unsuresweetie: she knows Gilda will face a proper punishment, and she makes it worse for her??:pinkiesick: just what the fuck?

I like that guy Scales already:scootangel:

I feel sympathy for Iron Bulwark, yes he screwed up big time because the automatic "captain of the guard" part of his brain reacted before his reasonable side, but he doesn't deserve what's happening to him:applejackunsure:

2420842 It's getting a little hard to follow given the length of time between the 'end' of one part of the story and the 'start' of another.

It'd be better to have kept at least these two directly linked portions in one place.

Also, the perspective shifts are very confusing. I sometimes don't even know whose mind we're in for several paragraphs, and sometimes it's difficult to figure out that the perspective has changed again.

Generally, it's best to begin a new perspective in a new chapter. It creates a natural break the brain can easily pick up on.

Hey I was wondering, did gilda get her talons permanently cut or will they grow back because the way she descried it makes it seem like they will not

She's sitting a bit.... straddle-legged in that picture, don't 'ya think?

Maybe there's a reason behind it all?

Because this is war.

And war, war never....

Wait, wrong part of the community.


Because this is war, and I love to have the upper hoof after the first battle.

1 - 0 to me, your move.

This is all very familiar, but why is it only showing up now?

Hey, I wanted you to explain a little better what exactly happen with Gilda's talons... I read and re-read that part but still couldn't figure it out... I know that she, somehow, cut them off... But how it happened was not very clear for me.
Also... either she knew that Gilda was going to hit Iron and then she cut off the talons to avoid come kind of serious injuries... Or Sherry was a damn bitch by doing that... I really hated her for this specific action.

Oh yes, before I forget...

You know, i read all three stories hoping to find more of a story i loved but never got to see the ending of... instead i get to read... I'm not even sure what to call this but it's definitely not that story anymore.

The first part was better than it's origional, the seccond okay, but the third, even only a few chapters in, I just can't get into. Characters i used to find endearing are far more petty than I remember, everybody seems to be carying the 'idiot ball' this time instead of just starfall, and the old version atleast kept a flicker of hope alive even at it's darkest moments, in this one it just feels hopeless.

I have special privileges, so I get special peeks at upcoming chapters. Nothing spoilery, but things do get better once these ponies realize that, yes, they are carrying the idiot ball, and do toss it away. In fact, the rewrite gets happier quicker than the original story, and even surpasses it in terms of how much everyone's situation improves.

Just stay for a two more chapters, and you'll see what I mean. I'm sure they'll won't be released on Valve time this time.

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