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Heads Up · 2:08pm Apr 27th, 2014

For the few people watching me this is warning that I'll be posting a story here for the first time just as soon as one last thing is put into place. Hopefully, this will happen later today, but one can never be too sure. You'll know it when it happens though, and should be able to read through it rather quickly.

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Oh yeah! Go ahead and drop a PM. I would love to talk about that.

Greetings! You recently commented on my story that you were intrigued by the way that I handled God in the HiE and that you were working out how to reconcile the two worlds in a story of your own. While I'll eventually have chapters that (somewhat) iron that out, if you wanted to swap thoughts on the matter, just hit me up. I've spent a lot of time considering it and chatting it over with some of my fellow fans (of various denominations) to come up with what I did, and I'm happy to share.


I'm glad you didn't change it when I made the chart, because I think it was pretty badass (which as we both know Mike Hengst totally is) and looks more "Navy" than, well, your other current one. I may even need to steal your avatar for another forum I'm on:trollestia:

Although now that you've seen it, I'm going to change it to something a little more realistic until Shin can give me an official profile image. Like Tom Hanks or something.

Yep. Saw it. Was a bit amused since Mike doesn't have a beard. :moustache:

Ironic though, since I've finally gotten around to changing my avatar to what it is on practically every other site out there.

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