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Monster High equestria girls · 10:58pm Oct 18th, 2014

Won't make this very long. Came up with a plot device that would allow a reverse Equestria Girl situation where the main cast of Monster High would come to Equestria by accident, on Nightmare Night, of course.

Now, the question is, what sort of ponies would they be.

Six of the girls only. To match up with the Mane Six.

Frankie Stien
Cleo De Nile
Lagoona Blue

They'd be monster versions of whatever pony they ended up as, but what ponies would those be.

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will how to train your bat pony be continued i just found it and its so good


I am thinking about it.

I created another account and was doing some clop but it's not really getting that much feedback so I'm sort of losing interest in that project.


Good day Peter,

Hope you have been doing well.

Just wondering if there is any chance of seeing any new material for How to "Train your Batpony" at any time in the future? Just curious. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you. ^_^ I think

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