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Monster High equestria girls · 10:58pm Oct 18th, 2014

Won't make this very long. Came up with a plot device that would allow a reverse Equestria Girl situation where the main cast of Monster High would come to Equestria by accident, on Nightmare Night, of course.

Now, the question is, what sort of ponies would they be.

Six of the girls only. To match up with the Mane Six.

Frankie Stien
Cleo De Nile
Lagoona Blue

They'd be monster versions of whatever pony they ended up as, but what ponies would those be.

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Of course, this is why I replied to you in the first place. Besides it was "B.D." who pointed your story out to me in the first place, besides he said that he spoke with you about writing more and I believe something about finishing your current story as well. I forget exactly what he said except about something about wishing your story was finished or something like that. I'll ask him the next time I talk with him.

Anyhow, you write it and I will certainly read it.


Thank you. I have recently started working on "How to Train Your Batpony" after being away for over four years. Hard to believe.

I hope you continued to enjoy my stories.

Peter, I enjoy a good story, and yours is very "not bad", but I usually tend to read a story a few times before I will comment about it. I never try to be negative about most stories, except for such things like grammar, spelling and so on. However I feel that I have a unique view of how I read these stories and of the MLP universe because unlike most, I haven't seen most of the television series and I only have a basic understanding of the characters and such. So I wouldn't know if a main character was/wasn't in the television series and because of this I feel that this gives me a unique perspective on how I view the stories that have been written. However I also count on "Bronze Dragon" to fill in certain things as well as offer me suggestions as to which stories I would find appealing. Anyhow I ask you for 1 thing. And that is to keep writing. Because it's author's such as yourself that keeps me from putting down my tablet, and I thank you for this as well. Which BTW your story was referred to me by Bronze Dragon and I'm sure that he would like to hear about this as well, from you I mean. Having you giving him thanks carries more weight and meaning than when it comes from me alone.

I am editing Jake and the Kid and will be doing all the finished chapters of Batpony as well to reacquaint myself with the story and characters. Hopefully by the time I'm done, I'll be ready to start doing new material.

  • Viewing 29 - 33 of 33
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