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Surprise! Second Nightmare Night Cosplay Image. · 12:36am Nov 1st, 2020

So seeing how Scylla has won our "Nightmare Night Cosplay" contests two years running, I'm cheating a bit by having Schorl in a second costume this year. While the last image was for "Helltaker", this next one is for a more obscure horror game. I wonder how many of you will be able to guess the game from the image along. Just remember that I worked extra hard this year (or in reality, Scylla worked extra hard drawing up a second costume for me), so if you haven't voted on one of us to win, you

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I might have asked this before, but would you be willing to take a request/commission?

Man, you REEEEEEAAAAAALLLLLYYYYY need to read my story. You're just looking sad at this point :rainbowlaugh:

well we shouldn't write about them in positive light at all
how do you not get wringing about nazis in any way that isn't saying how bad they are is wrong?

Don't bother, he's not gonna get it :rainbowlaugh:

  • Viewing 265 - 269 of 269
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