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Surprise! Second Nightmare Night Cosplay Image. · 12:36am Nov 1st, 2020

So seeing how Scylla has won our "Nightmare Night Cosplay" contests two years running, I'm cheating a bit by having Schorl in a second costume this year. While the last image was for "Helltaker", this next one is for a more obscure horror game. I wonder how many of you will be able to guess the game from the image along. Just remember that I worked extra hard this year (or in reality, Scylla worked extra hard drawing up a second costume for me), so if you haven't voted on one of us to win, you

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Make it Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist. Partially kidding, but I think his voice would be somewhere between manly and teenish. Like you could tell he's an adult, but just not all that deep or gruff like you'd think a man should be.

Hey Schorl.

Scylla and I were debating on a voice that would be fitting for Path. We both settled on Klein from SAO. What are your thoughts? I'm personally imagining something gruff to be honest. In the end it is her character but it would be nice to have a third opinion.

I also wanted to throw an in universe idea that I had your way and see what you think.

So what if someone does somehow get out the front door, what do you think would happen?

Well we both know that Schorl would never let that happen but suppose it does? While I doubt that any pony of status or a Dom in the society would volunteer as it would impede on their high status of living a fancy life, a few well broken in slaves could live in the run down apartments of the locale with Schorl's permission (after she is sure they will not betray her) and act as kind of decoys or lures.

Imagine you get out the doors of the society, what is your first instinct? You're alone, scared? Of course you'd probably look for help nearby. So you run to the first kind/friendly/concerned face that you see. You see a pony at a cafe, she seems friendly enough... but she is actually a slave trained to be scouting the area for escapees? with the same devotion as Mint?

What are your thoughts on this devious idea?

I also forgot to mention something ironic that you may get a kick out of... The orange/amber safeword I've been using is "Schorl" and my red/stop safeword is "Tourmaline". Let that sink in for a moment.

I somehow doubt that would fly in the society XD I just found the irony of using the namesake of one who would never safeword to be too funny to pass up.

Aww thank you so much. It's been going on most of my life now so I'm getting pretty used to it. I have a lot of supportive friends and a very supportive girlfriend and Mistress. The CVID was mostly found by myself (doctors can be quite useless sometimes) and it's recent diagnosis which wouldn't have happened without a little streamer named Ironmouse. Now that we know to start me on immunotherapy, gone will be the days of feelings of malaise and illness.

Also Schorl being sincere, le gasp! I tease by the way. I've heard you are quite the sweetheart irl.

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