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Surprise! Second Nightmare Night Cosplay Image. · 12:36am Nov 1st, 2020

So seeing how Scylla has won our "Nightmare Night Cosplay" contests two years running, I'm cheating a bit by having Schorl in a second costume this year. While the last image was for "Helltaker", this next one is for a more obscure horror game. I wonder how many of you will be able to guess the game from the image along. Just remember that I worked extra hard this year (or in reality, Scylla worked extra hard drawing up a second costume for me), so if you haven't voted on one of us to win, you

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Since: ponkpank never continued A Rare Opportunity and left fimfiction altogether, And guiding passion never made his planned sequel to Meet the Ice Fangs, maybe you could, since your chapters are good and well suited for FoE stories; continue for one, or either of them.

For Guiding, since he's still around, you might need his permission for that... Also this might be a good way/inspiration to keep writing

3188129 Well, in a sense she was right. Whenever somepony asks her if she has always been naked, she will have to explain that she is not one of the esteemed ponies who have been naked all their life for she had worn not just clothes, but the tight bodysuit that touched her all over all at once.

And whenever Zipp makes fun of somepony for wearing clothes, everypony will point at her and say, "Hey, didn't you wear a tight bodysuit at one point?"

ok, now I've properly read and faved it. I certainly gave me a laugh when Zipp said the suit had "corrupted her forever".

3188121 I'm trying to win a contest with it. I hope it's good enough.

Umm... I have to admit that was a misclick I fear :twilightsheepish:. The premise does sound cute though, so perhaps i should give it a quick read, and then favorite it for real.

  • Viewing 274 - 278 of 278
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