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Found abandoned as a baby, Scylla was an odd child to the pony who found her. Born a kelpie, it was believed that she would grow up with a personality that was unfit in the society she was raised in. Through the love of her adopted father though, the girl assumed to be monster among pony-kind turned into a girl adored by all that knew her, with all the charm and grace of any filly of her age.

Story commission for Scylla the Kelpie.

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Death by adorabetes is immenanent

May I be honest, Schorl?

This was very different from your usual work, yet very enjoyable. :twilightsmile:
...However, there are quite a few punctuation, spelling and grammar errors in this. You should really have let someone proofread this before putting it up. You know you can always ask me for that.

Thank you Tarv for pointing out that there were errors and helping me edit the story. There weren't too many huge issues, but there were certainly a few "Standard Schorl Mistakes" littered about. For anyone it may concern, the story has been edited to be more mistake free, though some more issues might have slipped through the cracks. Feel free to point out any more issues if you see them.

Thanks for letting me proofread, Schorl. It always gives me incentive to look a little closer at what you write. Once again, it made me discover one or two little details that had escaped me at my first reading. :twilightsmile:

Sucks there isnt more

Actually, we will be updating this story soon. Either adding one or two chapters in about a month.

O my... It's alive. Hm, can you, please, give me phone nomber of a necromancer you used to revive this story?
I'm looking forward to more of this.

Free baby I thought they were going on sale

Please give us more

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