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In additon FIM I enjoy RPGs, Manga, Graphic Novels, Anime, Scifi, and Fantasy

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Decidedly not MLP projects · 12:52am June 3rd

I’ve recently been sending out notice/invites to the MLP community for help on an RPG project I’ve been working off and on for the past year or so. I can only give mostly generalities to anyone who asks in the comments, if you want to know more are are interested in working on the project with me send me a PM and we’ll go from there.

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Being supportive

What was that about?

Go sir wiki go

Other than rewatching seasons 1, 2 and 3, I got nothing. Maybe Sisterhooves Social? Baby Cakes? Too Many Pinkie Pies? Secrets to My Excess? Owl's well that ends well (but without making Owllowisous Mary Sue-like or Spike unlikable), Hearths Warming? are any of these helpful?

Thanks, I’ve just been having a block with the My Little Mages stuff, don’t know how long it will last.

  • Viewing 87 - 91 of 91
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