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What's treated as little things that might as well be Big things · 11:47pm 9 hours ago

You read that right, in particular there's one thing that's been going through my head for a while now that needs to be discussed seriously. Pinkie's place of residence, so far she's been living in a room at Suguarcube Corner but that's going to need to change. I know change isn't addressed all that often in kids' shows, and a lot of people think this is something that shouldn't change or will not change but I think it does. Pinkie needs a place of her own, especially Pinkie needs a place to

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did you fully read the blog? I just want be sure

I actually find that to be a very interesting idea the shenanigans involved would be most amusing. Lol plus It would be a great addition to the main storyline. A behind the scenes if you will. I really look forward to more of you main story. Pm if there are more takers. I'm not sure how much help I would be. But I'm will to help in some way or another. :)

Thanks, I actually came up with an idea for side story that runs along with the current Spike and Chrysalis story. The idea is simple, have the fans of the story series write the story with me just going along as a general editor. I'm guessing you remember how I sent the rest of the town, including the foals of the Mane 6 and Chrysalis off on an airship, out of the town in preparation for the events currently going on. I posted a blog about it, here, and you can see it was posted quite a while ago, sadly I've had no takers on the plan thus far, I'll probably put the link in one of the Author's Notes of one of the next chapters and see if that nets me any interested parties. But hey, I've only named a few of the original 24 changeling foals and thought some of the readers might like to add in some names they've come up with. Honestly, most of the plan is there in the blog.

I have to say it I absolutely love your Spike and chrysalis stories!!!!!:pinkiehappy: please keep up the amazing work!!!!!

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