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Anyone can join!Just make sure that the Fanfics are based on the ocs listed.Also,remember to give me,Emerald Gem,and my partner,Nyx Ali,credit for the ocs.Othwr than that,have fun.

Starlight Sparkle and her brother,Dusk Dawn.Children of Princess Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry.

Emerald Gem and her sister,Prim Dimond.Daughters of Rarity and Fancypants.

Swirly Sane and her sister,Flittering Melody.Daughters of Fluttershy and Discord.

Skittles. daughter of Rainbow Dash and Sorin.

Cotton Candy Cloud and her brother,Chocolate Milk.Children of Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich.

Horseshoe and her brother,Copper(who p.s. Has a crush on Emerald.)Children of Applejack and Spike.

P.S., if you need details on how the ocs look and their cutie mark,comment on my channel.Thats Emerald Gem.Also,if you plan on making sequels,Copper and Emerald are Married and have two children named Cake Batter(A girl),and Apple Core(a boy) so is Starlight and Meteor Star,Princess Celestia's son. Their children are Autumn and Snowball.Also,Swirly's pet is a parasprite named Max.I don't have pets for the others,but I figured that they would be the same type of pets as the mane six,just the children of those pets.

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399965 Shut up Emmy :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
--Sometimes I actually call him Bitty. He usually called me Nyxie--

399940 oh, woe is me, shall you ever text your precious Eight Bit again?

399938 I know, right? Its so depressing.

399937 well, that sucks

399936 I can't, remember? His phone was taken away and his mom probably reset his phone. :fluttercry:

399934 yeah. Next time you text him, you should call him that.

399932 Heh. I usually call him Timmy. :twilightblush::rainbowlaugh:

399585 ok, thank for letting me know. Bitty..... blech :pinkiesick:. only you would call him that. Barf.:rainbowwild::pinkiesick:

Oh, but the way, Timothy's name is Eight Bit, and Sane's NEW name is Nyx Ali. In case you were wondering, Bitty's (ONLY Nyx calls him Bitty) cutie mark is a paint brush painting a PS3 controller.

Comment posted by Nyx Ali deleted Jun 24th, 2015

398739 Here's another deviant group, have looking it over.

398738 Thanks for the link! Also, I agree. The shipping TwiSpike does not make sense.:twilightoops: AT ALL.:facehoof: If Anything, Spikelestia makes more sense.

398737 That's what alternate universes are for, you can have ponies paired with who want. Also I've now seen a few instances of Sweetie and Spike being paired together now, also AJ and Spike via deviant art. Of all the Spike pairings I found I liked SpikeBloom the most, and TwiSpike is without a doubt among the most disturbing pairings I have thus seen. Spikelestia was amusing, if a little off putting. SpikeLuna was cute to look at.

Here's the page for the deviant art group that collects a bunch of different Spike ships, warning some ships might be disagreeable to you, I know TwiSpike didn't agree with me.

398331 Yeah. Actualy, the paring was going to be Aj and Trenderhoof, but then my friend at school, you know her as Nyx Ali, posted a thread with the paring aj and Spike, so I just kind of went with the flow. (I say kind of because, I think I like the shipping Aj and Trend better)

Well, I didn't expect an AJ and Spike pairing, although I have seen Apple Bloom and Spike get paired on deviant art. Now that I think about it the only Crusader I haven't seen paired with Spike is Sweetie Belle, I've seen at least one instance of Scootaloo and Spike being paired together on deviant art.
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