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/Na.h.t Na.h.t Sa.f.e f.or wo.rk/


Content that can viewed by children without them having to worry about gross stuff and cussing.


Once in a while on fimfic, you'll find stuff that makes you go.

Others like that stuff. Others aren't crazy about it. This group is primarily for people who aren't crazy about it. You can also join if you like that stuff, but I will often be ranting about how clop is bad, and such.. So don't get butthurt, ok?


No Mature content is allowed. (Forums and Blogs)

No torturing, harassing, all that good stuff.

No adding the same story to several folders. Post in the folder that most appropriately describes your fic.

OKs (Things that are OK to do:)

Add Everyone and Teen rated content (for Teen, keep cursing to a minimum; no dropping the "f" bomb, and no short clop or sex is allowed, unless it's only a sexual references. Yes, kissing and making out are allowed, too.)

Raging on the forum about NSFW content. Rage free but try to avoid trolls/cloppers.

Anything that goes against rules will be removed and you will also be taken out of the group. Remember: If a filly can't view it, it's not safe to post on here.

For more info, PM me, or click here.

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379787 No. I do not need to be congratulated at all.. :trixieshiftleft:

379731 So, you're saying that it would be better if somepony else that is not me would come to congratulate you? :unsuresweetie:

379730 Er hem. Not to offend you my friend, but you're being a bit vain.

I thank you for the kind compliments, but it is rather self-centered to honor someone saying that:

No group of old will ever be good enough to get featured in New Groups.

I completely understand what you mean because for example "clopfics" will never be featured because it is simply too old of a group, but considering you made the group, it's rather.. Er Hem.. [Insert fitting word here] to honor someone over it.

Just to keep in mind. :unsuresweetie:

379727 Indeed. There are lots of groups on this site, but only a fraction of those are being new.

There are groups of great quality and members in thousands, yet they will never have what your group has right now. No group of old will ever be good enough to get featured in New Groups.

379713 No need to thank me. Your group, with sufficient freshness, was well deserving of a posting in the New Groups.

Congratulations! This group was featured in New Groups.

  • Viewing 1 - 8 of 8
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