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SweetAI Belle
Iron Sonata Bro Galley
Cloudy Days
Harmonic Brush
Shot Lock
Bad Dragon
The Authority Cop
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Hey there! We recently started a group, and we'd love for it to get some more recognition and members! :twilightsmile: Here is the link: No Author left Unnoticed!

I just made a group for dark equestria girls stories, I know there are plenty out there, and a lot of people enjoy reading those, so please come join my group.

Only 3 months until BronyCon 2019! Now there's a group for those attending who want to discuss the upcoming con. Check it out here.

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New group for your use: Do you have a sore neck? Aching back? Want to chat with others (or a physical therapist, that's me) about it?

Do you want to portray more realism when your character suffers an injury in your story? Our Forum aims to do this.

Join us over at Authors and Ponies in Pain Therapy Group!
If you are a doctor, chiropractor, nurse, or are going to school for any of those, please see me in assisting me in administering and/or consulting with this group. Thanks!

Comment posted by SilverStarApple deleted January 4th

Brand New Group!
Sisters. Brothers. Parents. Children. In-Laws.
Looking for stories about family relationships? Written a story that tackles a family issue? Well this is the group for you: Family Matters.
Come check it out!

New group for writers! Join to work on extensively long saga known as the Musical Blade Saga! Yknow, to get recognition. Writers of Musical Blade Saga

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New group for bronies in Toronto and/or the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. :twilightsmile:
Toronto Pony Library

Made a ridiculous free-for-all group:


Feel free to make it even worse!

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