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May or may not include Transformers and Female versions of his O.C. (Now with Clop)

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Angry Review Recovery Group Promotion. · 5:05pm Sep 8th, 2015

Many people have been reviewed, and haven't been happy with how harsh the Reviewer was. Want to feel better, or have another review that won't be harsh?


Join the group and people will help through the process of a bad review and how to bounce back. They will even review your stories with a more gentle approach.

Don't be shy. Join today.


I need to · 6:05pm Jun 18th, 2019

I think I have been away a bit too long for now

I think I should start writing again

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Oh my god, all the yes on the avi!

2392517 Yes. Remember it is okay to comment here, but mainly stick to the notes.

2348643 do you like Steven Universe?

Sorry for that mistake I slash the assassin though you were someone else also I'm a big fan of transformers and popeye me favorite episode of popeye is old black and white episode your a sap Mr jap when Popeye sinkes a whole battleship by eating his spinach don't worry it's only in a cartoon from the 50's

2345528 Yeah. I am even helping Wubcake with something as well :)

2345515 That's some good news.

2345507 Just one more week of class, and then finals, then it is winter break, but until then, I am also writing and drawing right now

2345501 Alright, well I hope things start to calm down for you soon.

2345487 Not that long ago. Been so busy I can't remember when I did exactly.

I like the new avatar, when did you change it?

I hope you enjoy reading about the real reason why Flurry Heart is an alicorn in My Fluttering Heart when you get around to reading it!

2244505 No problem. It was the least I could do, and of course.

  • Viewing 259 - 278 of 278
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