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May or may not include Transformers and Female versions of his O.C. (Now with Clop)

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They were just teenagers. The last thing they expected was to become power rangers. Discover with them as they realize just how important they've become.

I cannot promise it, but I will try to update at least once a month.

Some gender-swapped characters.

Nyx is owned and created by Pen Stroke.

If you read and favorite, please give a thumbs up.

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After the BoB, Sonata and Aria have stopped talking to Adagio due to a fight, while an even greater threat arises that seeks them staying apart for her own personal gain. Who is this mysterious threat, and why is she so obsessed with hair? This story was originally on FanFiction, and I decided to upload it on this site. All OC's I use are ones I created. If you want to draw them, by all means go ahead. Just mention me when you make it.
NOTE: On Hiatus until the remainder of the chapters are written so this is not just sitting here.

Chapters (2)
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