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No hard feelings.


New Projects? · 6:21pm Dec 21st, 2017


Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Festivus, Yule or whatever holidays you happen to celebrate at this time of year. I realize I've been really inactive, but between going for my degree in Music Education and some family difficulties, it's been rough trying to make time for writing. Which is a shame, given how much I loved to write.

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My Goals

Story Views
[x] Get 500 story views
[x] Get 1000 story views
[x] Get 2500 story views
[x] Get 5000 story views
[x] Get 7500 story views
[ ] Get 10000 story views
[ ] Get 15000 story views
[ ] Get 20000 story views
[x] Get 250 views on one story
[x] Get 500 views on one story
[ ] Get 1000 views on one story
[ ] Get 2000 views on one story
[ ] Get 1000 views on two stories
[x] Get 25 likes on one story
[x] Get 50 likes on a story
[ ] Get 75 likes on a story
[ ] Get 100 likes on a story
[ ] Get 150 likes on a story
[ ] Get 200 likes on a story
[x] Get 10 followers
[x] Get 25 followers
[x] Get 50 followers
[ ] Get 75 followers
[ ] Get 100 followers
[ ] Get 200 followers
[ ] Get 500 followers
[ ] Become one of the 1000 most followed users on the site
[ ] Get Lurked
[ ] Get Nonagon to follow me
[ ] Get MythrilMoth to follow me
[ ] Befriend an employee of Aperture Science
[x] Get ThatWeatherstormChap to follow me
[x] Post a YouTube video
[ ] Post 10 Youtube Videos
[ ] Post 25 Youtube Videos
[ ] Post 50 Youtube Videos
[x] Get 1000 views
[x] Get 5000 views
[ ] Get 10000 views
[ ] Get 25000 views
[ ] Get 50000 views
[x] Get 1000 views one one video
[ ] Get 5000 views on one video
[ ] Prove my own existence
[ ] Break the fourth wall
[ ] Attend BronyCon
[x] Grow up
[x] Compose a complete musical work
[x] Make someone's day on this site
[x] Get into The Goodfic Bin
[ ] Save the universe


I see that you somehow managed to stumble your way to this specific corner of the site. Maybe you read a comment of mine, read a story of mine, or heard about me through some other bizarre method. However you got here, you're welcome to stay. My door is always open.

Oh right, I haven't properly introduced myself. i'm trombrony98, composer, writer, trivia master, and other assorted titles. I pride myself on being an academic and thespian, though from what others tell me, my writing skills aren't bad.

I do not enjoy walks on the beach at sunset. However, I do enjoy various non-MLP related things such as roller coasters, playing trombone, and plotting world domination.

That's all there is to me. Au revoir!

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Yes, and also you have an eternity to think about the real question, such as why we don't call "bananas" "tacos." :twilightsmile:

2066530 Well, there's walking through walls.

2066529 I saw. Still, there might be some perks to being a ghost.

2065368 Well, as my profile pic goes to show, I'm a ghost.

Not easy being dead? That certainly goes contrary to the notion that one can rest once one is no longer alive.

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