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Memento Mori doesn't mean you should just lie down and wait to die. Rather, live each moment like it could be your last, because you never know which breath will be the final one.


All things must come to an end. · 1:16am May 4th, 2023


Yeah, it's been a good long while, hasn't it? I think my last blog post was back in 2017 during my first year of college. I'd be surprised if anyone around here actually remembers much of me, but I do have some good memories of my time on the site. I'm obviously still around, given that I'm making this post, but at this point I've mostly moved on from the MLP fandom.

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The goals of the one who was here...

Story Views
[x] Get 500 story views
[x] Get 1000 story views
[x] Get 2500 story views
[x] Get 5000 story views
[x] Get 7500 story views
[ ] Get 10000 story views
[ ] Get 15000 story views
[ ] Get 20000 story views
[x] Get 250 views on one story
[x] Get 500 views on one story
[x] Get 1000 views on one story
[ ] Get 2000 views on one story
[ ] Get 1000 views on two stories
[x] Get 25 likes on one story
[x] Get 50 likes on a story
[ ] Get 75 likes on a story
[ ] Get 100 likes on a story
[ ] Get 150 likes on a story
[ ] Get 200 likes on a story
[x] Get 10 followers
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[ ] Get 75 followers
[ ] Get 100 followers
[ ] Get 200 followers
[ ] Get 500 followers
[ ] Become one of the 1000 most followed users on the site
[ ] Get Lurked
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[ ] Befriend an employee of Aperture Science
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[x] Post a YouTube video
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[x] Get 1000 views
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[ ] Get 25000 views
[ ] Get 50000 views
[x] Get 1000 views one one video
[x] Get 5000 views on one video
[ ] Prove my own existence
[ ] Break the fourth wall
[ ] Attend BronyCon
[x] Grow up
[x] Compose a complete musical work
[x] Make someone's day on this site
[x] Get into The Goodfic Bin
[ ] Save the universe


So even after all these years, you've made it to this long-forgotten corner of the web. Perhaps it was a story long ago lost to the annuls of history. Maybe it was a fleeting memory of a friend who disappeared without a trace. Maybe you've stumbled here by pure chance. However you've gotten here, take a rest my friend. All are welcome in this abode.

Who am I? That's a tricky question. The one you see here is a mirage, a shadow of a person who once was, but has moved on with the relentless flow of time. He wrote stories, he sang songs, he gathered knowledge and shared it with all. He enjoyed life, and immersed himself in the wine of kinship. But that was long ago. Now all that remains is this, a testament to one who wrote, who once lived.

Perhaps you are wondering where such a lively person has wandered off to? He's no longer here, but he's out there. You just have to take a leap of faith.

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Yes, and also you have an eternity to think about the real question, such as why we don't call "bananas" "tacos." :twilightsmile:

2066530 Well, there's walking through walls.

2066529 I saw. Still, there might be some perks to being a ghost.

2065368 Well, as my profile pic goes to show, I'm a ghost.

Not easy being dead? That certainly goes contrary to the notion that one can rest once one is no longer alive.

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