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Equestria is growing, and magical savant Twilight Sparkle is disgusted by the crime and corruption this change has brought. Her life is changed forever when she discovers the Death Note, a notebook with inexplicable and deadly powers. She uses this book to pass judgement on those she deems unworthy of life, aiming to create a perfect world free of crime. But when the two Princesses put their best pony on the case, a mysterious detective known only as L, a psychological game of cat and mouse erupts between the two.
Comments contain spoilers. Artwork by blu-red, opening by Anon3mous. Now with its own TV Tropes page.

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L for LUNA!!!! :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

Also I have the sneaking suspicion that someone with a quirky personality might turn out to be Near with a gem fetish. :moustache:

I would find it pretty funny if Twi and L had a little conversation. Would be hilarious. Just to read about them ogling each other.

And this is extremely good reading. Very good.

All I have to say is my reaction to the revelation of L's identity, in exact order of emotional occurrence: :rainbowhuh: , :derpyderp2: , :unsuresweetie: , :facehoof: , :ajbemused: , :rainbowlaugh: , :heart:

And watch the Near-analogue either have scales or go around emptying fridges.:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh: (After all, flying around delivering the mail takes it out of her and she needs to load up.)

I really don't understand how this only got Star-4 on Equestria Daily. This is one of my favourite crossover fanfics! :heart: Can't wait 'till the next one!

Comment posted by Nonagon deleted Mar 31st, 2014

don't do it. DONT DO IT!

Wow. Twilight just crossed the moral event horizon...
No going back now.

I never watched this show (Death Note) before, but I find this to be an enjoyable story. I'm not a huge fan of corrupting characters of the Mane cast, but this one was done expertly, with Twilight only crossing the moral event horizon on chapter 7. :twilightblush:
My opinion on what should happen next? Your decision Mr. Nonagon. My experience tells me that adding Applejack (whether it be the pony, the cereal, or the hard cider) makes everything better. :ajsmug:

What is this?! are we in an alternative universe? that thing just came out of left field!!! Pinkie is right, something is not right at all.
Also: Next chapter twilight reads a book? MADNESS.!!!

Another great chapter!

And until Pinkie said something I was trying to remember the Golem in Death Note.

"play Faust" Oh you! :rainbowlaugh:
Man, I wonder what L is going to do now that she has no leads...

Twilight is awewsome in this, I can see already the struggling of morality here.
Twilight is now like a drug addict, she is so obsess with keeping her and the death note safe that she is didn't consier the hipocresy of killing an innocent filly, and know that she realized that she can't take the blame for her mistakes, she is blaming everyone else, especially L. She is becoming the same thing she hates the most and i LOVE every minute of it.

:pinkiehappy: I spent ages fretting over getting just the right blend of guilt and projection into that scene. It's great to hear it turned out so well.

I'd rather not clutter the page with replies all over the place (I'm kind of a neat freak like that...:twilightblush:) so I'll just take the opportunity to give a great big THANK YOU to everyone who's commented so far. :heart: Getting feedback is the best part of writing, be it positive or negative. Love you all.

L where is L!?!?!

I love it! So much in the writing that you couldn't see much of in the manga and anime versions :D

Keep up the truly AWESOME work.:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

Twilight went from crazy to all out monstrous in three chapters. I find myself rooting for L.

Are you going to thread anywhere from the original deathnote manga? If not, then I know every single piece of the story and Celestia WILL die by twilight's hand. Sorry for spoilers if any

Haven't read the manga, I'm afraid, so I really can't say. Even if I had, the story is going to drift further and further away from the original plot as time goes on anyway.

Woah wait wha? You did not read the original manga? How can you even be writing this while being pretty darn close to the manga itself?

You are very good at recreating the original feel of the Death Note series. More impressive is that you do it in a setting with Cute Ponies. You don't forget little details like how a Pony carries things.

I'm also hoping Twi(Light) gets caught by L in this version, yeah I know it would be kinda cliche to let L win instead of Light but L never caught and convicted Light and I always wanted to see that,

Anyways keep up the good work, your writing is very impressive especially in this chapter, I also now understand why quotation marks are important in conversations since I gotta go back and fix one of my stories tonight so thanks for that as well :twilightsmile:

Favoriting this.

It is always such a joy to read this fic. This is the story that I am always the most eager to read.
But that last sentences confuses me. "Season finale" what does it means? The Gala? (Now that would be awesome).
Or is it the end of the story?(if thats so I am going to cry). Hope not. because I want an ending of epic proportions.
How I picture it:
Twilight in the precense of the elements of harmony, celestia and L/(Near ?) confront twilight, and she, cornered, starts losing her mind until she laughs like a maniac and stare at celestia in the eyes, saying: I am Kira. Which in turn would destroy Celestia emotionally.
Spike is not present because like Soichiro Yagami he dies beliving twilight is innocent.

No, it means exactly what it sounds like. It bothered me that the Death Note anime was split up by drawing a very arbitrary line down the middle, so I've decided to divide up Death Note: Equestria into three distinct, self-contained seasons. Episode twelve is where everything introduced so far comes to a head, tying up some loose ends and leading us into the second act. The ultimate end won't be for a long while yet.
I feel like I've been waiting all season to write part 12, so I'm pretty excited about it. Any guesses as to what the title will be?

I felt so giddy when I saw this update! :pinkiehappy:

Now i wonder who is Near in this Fic...

Why do I have the feeling that Diamond Edge(Rarity) will discover Kira's true identity, she will confront her and die there befroe she tell anypony elise....

I agree with Tonto. Having Twilight being discovered would be a very interesting event in which Twilight will be forced to do drastic things!

now that Diamod Edge(Rarity) is dead:raritydespair: and Pinkie Pie is too as a "causality":pinkiesad2: of the confict, the elements of harmony are short of two elements now, if this is betewen season 1 and 2....Equestria is now royally BUCKED!, but if this is in season 2, I do wonder how this would affect "The misterious Mare-Do-Well" episode or if that woud ever happend in this story, the most probably thing is that it never happend with all the things that are happening thanks to Kira:rainbowderp:, this is getting better and better, Hope to see the next chapter soon:trollestia:

O_O... You killed Pinkie Pie and Rarity? :rainbowderp: And Twilight was responsible for both Deaths. Damn, I never expected this Fanfic could embody the Kira character in Twilight in such a believable fashion.

Really good story, I'm definitley looking forward to the next addition/chapter :twilightsmile:


Trust me their are fics that will gross out and traumatize you worse than this... like Cupcakes (shudders):fluttercry:

Amazing! I am astounded by this brilliant fic!!! The way you incorporated Death Note in mlp was flawless and went with the story very well while keeping readers within the mlp universe. :moustache:
A truly epic fic.

Do I really need to repeat myself and tell you how awesome this is? I do? Ok, then, This is freaking amazing, it is always such a joy to read and re-read this. Every time I see an update you bring a smile to my face. Will this do? Ok.

Like a said before TwiLight is best Kira even better than Light yagami. She is manipulative, she is cold, heartless, always two steps ahead and even killed 2 of her best friends in order to fullfil her plans, now that´s hardcore.
I also loved the conflictive emotions of Twi, first sad because of the death of Rarity( Daimond edge) and pinkie, later she revels she planned their death, leading to believe that the sad part is just an act to cover her flank and to get closer to L, but then she says "I want to die" because of what she did showing real emotion and regret and the cold and heartless act is a cover for that, and finally she disregards her humanity? equinenity? beliving that the end justify the means regaining her kira persona again. Wow talk about rollercoasters.
I also loved that even though she feels regret over her acts, at first she didn't assume all the blame, “Two of my best friends are dead now, indirectly because of Kira." Twilight, you are Kira, you planned their deaths in a gamble knowing that chaces will dictate that will happen at the same time, to make yourself look good, there is nothing of indirect in there. Or she just explained the events in the point of view of L to better explan her plan that works too.

OK. Twilight is now a complete monster. Seriously? You made me hate Twilight (at least in this fic). No way around it, she will not be alive in the end, I presume. I hope.

What Meta Knight said. I'm speechless...

My goodness how your ability has improved over the course of writing this! I'm literally at the edge of my seat when I read these! Also, the way you write Twilight really reminds me of Macbeth and how Shakespeare analyses the human psyche. Perhaps Twilight Sparkle will be a tragic hero? These chapters are really tearing at my heart strings, I imagined my favourite pony Rarity would die and prepared myself for it but Pinkie Pie too? You are a terrific writer keep on doing what you do!

*searching desperately for the thumbs up/like button.*

You know. Having watched the original Anime I used to be a Kira supporter. Having read this and seeing just how alike Light Yagami and Twilight Sparkle are and just how far Twilight is willing to go to pursue her "Justice" I find myself changing who I'm "Rooting for". I think what nailed it for me was this chapter and how Twilight was directly responsible for the deaths of two of her best friends. I suddenly find myself thinking because of your work of fiction that Kira from the original anime was far less of a noble but tragic personage than I originally believed. To this end I congratulate you on managing to change my stance on who was better than whom.

Well you certainly know how to write a good story and a good interlude :pinkiesmile:.

Looking forward to Season 2 :twilightsmile:

Although pinkie's death :pinkiesad2: makes me sad, i give props on story and interlude.
Heres to even more trilling(in twisted way) season 2!:moustache:

It was good to see how everypony was taking the recent events. A little disappointed to not see the Kira working and slight disappointed by lack of Death Note rule at start, but I don't think this chapter really needed it. Also, I had Scissor Sisters' I Can't Decide on another tab before I even saw this had updated xD

A good interlude?! wow haven't read one of those in a long time. Kudos to you.
I can't wait for season 2 if is anyting like the first one I'm sure it will not dissapoint.
There is something I been wanting to ask. Will there be a "Misa" character to Twilight's Kira? I think that the inclusion of misa in the original manga was what made Light start making wrong decitions, leading to his capture, although he "beats" L, he had to go through one of the most convoluded plans ever.But in the end it was Misa the first step that let to his failure. So right now TwiLight is in the upper position, so I was wondering if there will be a Misa that starts this chain of events?

For the first night in a long time, Twilight Sparkle slept soundly.

Dod gamn, that's messed up!

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

I just realized the Twi-Light connection. :facehoof:

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