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Inspired by Honest Trailers, this group will be the base of ideas that can be shared and turned into Honest Fictions.

But what exactly is an Honest Fiction?

An Honest Fiction is the fanfiction equivalent of Honest Trailers. Writers---any writer, really---can take a story, quote several sections of said story, and write a document in the way that you would normally expect something such as an Honest Trailer to be.

While no Honest Fictions are allowed as stories due to the MST3K rule, any Honest Fictions created shall be delivered to me or Twilight is the BEST.

Stories delivered will then be posted to my blog list and become part of the Honest Fiction blog series!

As I said, no stories can be published to the site, but Honest Fictions are posted on my blog AND in the forums! :)

So what are you waiting for?

Send your ideas and/or write your Honest Fiction and deliver it to me or Twilight is the BEST.

Good luck and have fun!


A list of rules. A clean group is a happy group. Fallout :V

1. PM me or Twilight is the BEST about a story so TitB can obtain permission from the author.

2. Stories must be finished to be an Honest Fiction. That means stories that have [incomplete] [hiatus] [cancelled] tags aren't allowed.

3. No Clop centered stories. Mature stories are allowed to have some sexual scenes (example is Fallout: Equestria), but generally no Clop-fics are allowed.

4. Story must have more than 30 thumbs on either sides to be a Honest Fiction.

5. When writing a Honest Fiction, do not insult/attack the author, either if they are good or bad. If you break this rule, you will be reported.

Now don't break these rules. Or we will be mad. And sad. :C

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Bride of Discord will count right?

399752 True, however:

Don’t Post (Genres)

* Things that obviously aren’t stories: lists, polls, previews, author notes, chat logs, etc.
* Meta stories, defined broadly as any story about the site or its users. What constitutes meta is largely up to staff discretion.
* Stories written as an in-joke between a small group of people, with little relevance to anyone outside that group. Colloquially known as “circle-jerking.”
* MST3k-style fics — for example, inserting comments between the lines of a copy-pasted story.
* “Manuals” or “User Guides”
* Greentext stories, or stories that are written essentially in bullet-point format. It doesn’t matter if the text isn’t green, or if you’ve omitted the > (greater-than) symbol. If it’s in the general format, it’s not allowed.

Taken directly from the site's rules for stories.

Isn't the MST3K rule/mantra "It's just a show; I should really just relax"?

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