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Welcome to the Good Grammar Directory! You are probably tired of reading stories like this:

rainbow dash went to pinkies house and knocked on the door. pinkie answrered and said. “hi Dashie, whats up. Wanna play some pranks.” Sure, rainbow said. “Great”, pinkie repleid.

If you are tired of those sorts of stories, don’t rely on the front page for stories anymore. Instead, find stories on here. We pride ourselves on our grammar standards. Our goal is to have the largest directory of stories on Fimfiction, and to only include stories with good grammar. Basically, we want to be just like Fimfiction itself would be if the proofreaders were allowed to fail stories for grammar.

Any story of any genre or maturity rating may be submitted to the submissions folder. We do not grade on story content: you can have all the Mary Sues, plot holes, and OOC moments you want. Clop and gore stories are welcome here. However, only stories which have good grammar may enter the Good Grammar Directory. And, not surprisingly, I've noticed a rule of thumb. Usually the better a story’s grammar, the better the story is generally. Good grammar correlates with fewer Mary Sues, fewer plotholes, and fewer OOC moments. Funny how that works, eh?

Want your story included? Put it into the "User Submissions: Not Yet Graded" folder. Then, wait for one of our pre-readers to grade it. Whether a story qualifies for posting here is determined by a simple test: three strikes, you're out. If the story has three or more grammar errors in its first 500 words, it may not be included in the Directory. It will remain in the failed submissions folder until the author fixes the story’s grammar, at which point it may be included. Also, there may not be any grammar errors in the story description. It's the first thing your readers see, after all, so make it good.

What are the grammar errors that we look for? They include:

1. Mispeled werds or tyops. Evrybody’s compter has spell chick on it; there’s no exuse for this anymore.
2. lack of capitalization for proper nouns like fluttershy or i, and no capitalizing words that start sentences. Or, Capitalizing words That shouldn’t Be capitalized. Both Pegasus and pegasus are acceptable, but you must be self-consistent.
3. Hello author how's it going? I need a comma after author, because that is where a person would normally pause if speaking in real life.
4. Confusion of it’s and its. Its not hard to learn, and a story should get it’s grammar correct. Confusion of their, they’re, and there. Authors should learn they’re grammar; if they don’t know it then look it up on there computers. They can learn it right their on the internet.
5. Subject/verb agreement. A subject should agree with their verb. These things is very important in writing a story.
6. Lack of new paragraphs for new speakers, or paragraphs are not used at all. See my example earlier of the conversation between Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. That's an example of what NOT to do.
7. Commas are not included where they should be or commas are included where, they should not be. Commas always go in front of coordinating conjunctions like “and,” “but,” and “or” when the conjunctions link two independent clauses. Commas also go in between items in a list. Sometimes you may want to link two independent clauses without a conjunction, you should not use a comma for this like I just did. The correct mark to use in that case is a semicolon. It looks like this ;
8. Correct punctuation of dialogue. Pinkie said. “Hi, Rainbow Dash.” There should be a comma after said, not a period.
9. All authors stories should have apostrophes in correct places; I cant believe how often theyre left out.
10. Keep your use of present and past tense consistent in your narration. If you're using present tense, don't switch to past tense, and vice versa. One time I was reading a story which made that mistake, and it annoys me so much that I will thrown my computer out the window.

Each time you do one of these things, it counts as an error. You may have two or fewer in your first 500 words and still be included in the good grammar directory. I recognize that we’re all only human, so I leave that room for error. Just don't have three or more, or you won't qualify! Don’t worry, you can still fix the grammar in your story and be included after you clean it up. If you're only slightly over three errors, we'll even tell you what changes you need to make to qualify. If you have dozens of errors, though, we'll probably just tell you to get a proofreader.

If you're having lots of trouble with grammar, you can visit this site for basic grammar and usage rules. You can also visit The Proofreader Group right here on Fimfiction to get your story proofread. You can also go to The Writing Lab, our sister group.

Questions about our group are answered here Frequently Asked Questions. Original list.

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This might be paranoia talking but do you think that you could change the logo? I find it a bit unsettling. If you could, it would be very much appreciated.

Comma splice detected. Oh dear.

This must be the only group whose every comment is judged like this.


I like this group! :3

I like your grammar errors and misspeeled sentunces (XD), they're funny!

You should also tell authors to download or buy Grammarly for free or get the premium version; it helps a LOT when I'm writing/editing! :raritywink:


Aye, I feel you there. :rainbowlaugh:

Someone who shares my ideals, i think i am in heaven!

387068 I don't get why everyone gets them confused.

I am a proud Grammar Nazi.

407470 You're welcome for all of it.

407468 Okay. Well, I just stumbled across an old post that went unanswered and decided to answer it.

369621 The correct term for the punctuation that you are using is a comma, not a colon, and the second form of writing that sentence is the correct format. A colon is the punctuation mark that is one dot above another.

I would like to apologize for the fact that no one had responded to your question in this group before now; I would also like to say that the reason that I did not inform you of this sooner is that I did not know about this group up until now.

This group isn't very active is it? *sigh*

Another group for the witching well.:fluttershysad:

I have found my people!

Comment posted by The Space Butterfly deleted May 29th, 2015

I don't know if this has been mentioned, but I find it funny how many people criticize grammar and spell it incorrectly as "grammer" themselves. :ajsmug:

People need to start checking the grammar of the ungraded stories. The folder's getting stupidly packed.

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