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draco the flamewing

Greetings ponies and other creatures of Equestria. I am Draco Flamewing, and i will protect Equestria from all villians.

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Yep, i'm back, but i can't do the rp yet. We had moved to a new house, and still don't have internet for my laptop. The only reason why I'm online is because of my phone's data, and it sucks enough to have a keyboard like this as i make mispellings and grammar mistakes. As soon as we get internet i will continue asap.

holy shit your back!

2406727 Yeah, you a defiantly a respectable RP partner but you do lack certain creative ideas such as original character design and not many OCs. I have 16 OCs and all of them are Mary Sues excluding Necra. the public only knows of Nova, VALeRY, Raugna, Serena, Epsilon, and Necra. But I belive I can teach you a thing or two about character design both in appearance and in personality. I have 2 blogs on this site, one is an intro, the other is a list of rules any creator must fallow to make a GOOD mary sue. Of corse you don't NEED to make a mary sue as an important original character but any content creator should keep the 10 rules I made in mind.

2405521 Oh, sorry about that. I had to take a break for a bit, since most of my ideas were either bad or didn't work with the story at all (much like what i done beforehand.).

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