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Si vis pacem para bellum

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Still dead

eey there m8...
soo i just read the new german empire and i thought it was AMAZING and i have an idea for another story and here it is: (can this story be with anthro? like the new german empire?)
so there's this small german fort and small town that gets transported to equestria and the soldiers and civilians find out that there are humans in this world, but are slaves, and that they serve the ponys. but the humans aren't alone. with their displacement are also japanese soldiers from the warring states period 2 squads of union civil war soldiers and their families, a coheart of byzantine calvary

they must rise up to win their freedom and to meet new friends and enemies

note: can you read this for inspiration


I see a storm trooper decided to follow me... let's hope he doesn't have the shit aim of SW storm troopers....:facehoof:

Thx. I've always kept that quote close to heart

  • Viewing 67 - 71 of 71
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