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When we were at war, Oh! We were at war, In the army corps, drowning in gore, Each man thought of his love back home Where she’s waiting by the door.


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Thank you to everyone that has followed me, may it just have been for my bullshit, my beliefs, or my witty comments, or my amazing personality(or so I'm told.) I would like to give you the utmost respect and appreciation, i hope you continue to follow me and tell me your comments and concerns in my "break room" (user comment page)

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Greetings Reader. This Author have been notified of your recent addition of a Story of his. To one or multible of your personal archive/Libary. Your dedication to staying up to date on on or all is most delightful. Keep up the like and maybe leave a comment :twilightsmile: Enjoyment and entertainment be never leaving you bored out of your mind :pinkiesmile:.

– Black--Soul

(Thanks for taking interest in the story! Hope you're enjoying it and future development !)

Thanks for another favorite!

Leave a comment if you want. I always appreciate feedback!

Thanks for putting Gunslinger in your folder!

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