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Send me nude strawberries so that with their power I can defeat Juan Ponce de León! Also, Luna is best pony.

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First blog · 11:54pm May 30th, 2017

Hello there, VSauce Tedious_Blizzard here!

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Thanks for adding Going Home to your Berry Gud Story shelf. Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think. Also feel free to comment as you like on any of my other tales as well. I value all comments and try to reply to as many as I can.

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Thanks for the follow. :heart:

Thanks for adding The Bright Equestrian Moon to your Berry Gud Stories shelf! :twilightsmile:

Excellent! Thanks for letting me know. I hope you continue to enjoy my stories!


I liked your latest story and a few other previous ones, so I shall follow you for more!

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