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I will eat your beans and dust, and possibly screech if you disturb me.

A bit about me

Ok, listen up here. I am a fool of a person who gets about his life by going through each day as they go without planning ahead. I am currently in the process of writing my first story but don't expect it to be out at a scheduled date or time. I enjoy reading, ponies, reading, music and taking long walks down the beach. There's not much originality to me from what I know but I try and do my best even if it's not quite there. I am also available to be an editor for anyone: just pm me and we'll go from there. Also, another thing to note is that I have no self-pride in what I do. This makes me either go two ways usually: either wallow in my own sadness or strive to make better of myself, if possible. Most of the time, it's the latter.


This place still exists · 12:16pm Dec 8th, 2019

Oh jeez.

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