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Welcome to the New Lunar Republic Naval Forces, Future Sailor or Marine! Your missions is to be the main Naval force of the NLR, protecting Her Majesty, Luna, from the Sea, Air and Land.
Here you will find the Branches of the NLR Navy and NLR Marine Corps. (The Marines also have their own page)

Check out the Navy's:
Aircraft Carriers

RANKS will not be given out generously, (Yes it will) but will instead be based off of ACTIVITY in the group.
Please run by all new vessel names and numbers with Admiral Iroh, as he has the Naval Registry.
PLEASE follow all FimFiction rules and codes because the Brass get pinned with any stupid mistakes you make.
ADD stories when you feel like it. It will be encouraged.
If you have an questions Please ask, and we will answer it the best we can

From the Laptop of the NLR Naval Command

To: New Lunar Republic Naval Forces

Subject: Change In Command

Hello fellow Sailors and Marines,

The New Lunar Republic Naval Force has recently undergone a change in command. Admiral Iroh Legoman is now the Chief Naval Officer for the NLR Navy, and General Root Beer (Drinker/Cleric) is the Commandant of the NLR Marine Corps.

Since the collapse of the former commanders, and the Navy being run by Air Jocks Air Heads Chair Force the Air Force and Army Grunts Mud Soldiers the Army, it may take some time to get this ship (vessel) back up to steam and running efficiently.

We would like your help in helping the Leaders making this Group the best place to be. Please provide suggestions, opinions and stories so that this group can Rule the Sea.

Fair Winds and Following Seas

Admiral Iroh Legman NLRN
Chief Naval Officer

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Happy to join the NLR Navy today! Our ships will decimate the dogs of the Solar Empire with ruthless effect. Long live Luna!!

hello I just Joined

Hello all, Just want to say sorry for the absent-ness. The Navy has my life now. This is not to say i am leave, but ill be poking around.
I wounder how Commandant Rootbeer is doing in the NLRMC

Ill see if i can incorperat some of my sea stories the stories to come

Thank you

Hello, im new here and am hoping that i can be a helpful addition to the Navy of Luna

Guess What Day it is

yeah its that day

GO NAVY beat army

355668 Hey there, you still in the NLRN?

397483 The second half is in full swing now

Goddamit. My phone f-ed up and caused me to me to leave. I am putting out there and making a record that as of today i have been apart for 71 weeks and 3 days
So what ever it says i have been a part of, add 71weeks and 3days


Edit (a few minutes later)
It seems i am fine
Carry On

403813 Thank you, sir. salutes

Good News!

As of Tuesday October 6, 2015, at about 5pm,

I am officially apart of the US Navy. YEAH!!! I am going into the Navy's Nuke program -that's hard sh1t- and I leave May 23.

403811 Well Welcome to our Ranks

403809 I was a captain of the S.S. Flavio, as well as a Captain of Ikana before it fell.

403744 In the US Navy, or NLRN?

Yay, I'm now a member of this Navy. I was already a captain.

Hello... Season 5 is out... yey...:yay:

Hello? Anypony here? Did everypony abandon ship? Commander?

GO NAVY!!!!!!!!!

Excuse me Admirals, I would like to know what is the mascot for the NLR Navy. (ie US Navy is a goat)

Iroh Dragon, NLRN

Its out! Its out. Go read It NOW!!!

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