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Root Beer

Ahoy! Welcome to my user page, here you'll find my blogs, followers, and groups.


I have the ambition and the drive. · 4:48am Apr 30th, 2017

I am recreating a board game that was not originally popular, and I plan to make it popular again.

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Ok so I didn't know you had two accounts mr Root-Beer but damn am I glad to let know now. Yes I know its been a year or two, yes I know its dickish of me to say this on a dead user page, but I dont care anymore.

I have a few things to let off my chest which I couldn't say before, especially since before I didn't really know how to say it in a way that suits my view of you, but now I guess I can say it on a dead userpage so that when you potentially come back in the distant future just to view what people thought of you, you'll see what I thought of you.

You're fucking scum, is what I have to say to you. You attack my brothers userpage on another website because *I* used it to say something. You fucking deride and insult him, because I said something negative about you. That's right, I fucking remember that you disgusting fuck. I remember that the only way you could win an argument was to block the opponent and call him names where he couldn't respond. You block people mid argument to make it look like you've won, you go onto banned users and call them out for being better then you (that's right, I remember how you acted when Tavi4 got temp banned 2 years ago.)

I used to think you were a decent person, but looking back at all the shit you've said and done, and all the people I've met that have something to say about you, I truly do know you were the scum of the Earth, and honestly? I'm glad your dead online now, I hope that you truly did wuss out and ended it.

People may call me a hypocrite for attacking a banned user but in all honesty, I'd have said this if he wasn't banned. My only regret was I couldn't shoot you.

:fluttershyouch: You're gone... I'm just sorry I wasn't able to do anything... Wherever you are, if you're even reading this message, I wish you the best of luck in life. I hope someday you'll be back.... Somehow...

2445243 A lot of shit I wouldn't wish on anyone. Check his blogs from the past few months if you want to know more. I'm not really the guy to ask, I barely knew him to be completely honest.

What is your favorite drink?

  • Viewing 1,146 - 1,150 of 1,150
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