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Are you an adherent to the Lord of Sunlight? Or perhaps a friend of a fellow Warrior of Sunlight? Then join this group of gentlemen and gentlewomen, who shall fight for the great Solaire, firstborn of Gwyn, and Gwyn the Lord of Sunlight himself! Praise the sun!

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404412 Praise the sun.

404465 That is great XD

Da Sun.

What is it.

Invitation accepted gratefully

There's no "i" in Astora.
Just thought you ought to know.

I will be completely honest, I joined this group solely for the 4th picture. But that's still great.

404416 Of course grey mane.

Is this, like, from Darksouls or something?

Thank you for extending an invitation to this group to me.

404412 I wish I could see that picture, but I won't load up on my screen.

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