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do I exist? Do you exist? Maybe neither of us exist, but instead simply are. crackers.

Story updates

As dead as my profile might seem, I am actually in the process of rewriting the oddly slightly popular Purple Tears! It's going to have mostly updated lore, characters, and personalities

I'm working on both Star's Shadow AND a rewrite of Purple Tears

Purple Tears V.2 is currently at chapter 3 and has been updated at 7/31/18
Purple Tears V.2 is currently at chapter 4 and has been updated at 8/1/18
Purple Tears V.2 is currently at chapter 5 and has been updated at 8/9/18 (+8/23/18 2,000 words)
Current: Chapter 6 half-way done, 700+ words 12/12/18
plan: release a chapter a week starting during christmas break and through January

Star's Shadow has not been worked on in a while, but the plot has been mostly planned out.

In any case, I hope you all enjoy your stay and a cracker or two!

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oh wow I might be rewriting Purple Tears
oh wow
I'm trying
but it's hard
I get anxiety every time I try to write it
but hey
I'm trying

oof. I should write here more...

2441510 cool! I wanted to learn programming, but with how hard Algebra is for me I decided I'd go for something that wouldn't stress me out. I'm still gonna learn the basics one day xD
If I don't change my mind in the next few years I'll be going for Psychology :'D And art

2441505 I'm hopefully going to college to study U.P.S or Computer Gaming Design level 3 depending on the grades I get in my GCSE's.

  • Viewing 144 - 148 of 148
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