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Many millennia ago, Pokemon used to roam the world of Equestria freely. Then, one day, they simply vanished... One day, a crazed stallion decided to mess with something that should have been left alone. With Pokemon suddenly appearing in Equestria once more, how will Equestria cope with change, especially when the Pokemon appear to be more than what the myths said?

(Formerly known as "Faraway World of Our Dreams".)

This idea came to mind when I saw all of the Human-turned Pokemon in Equestria fics, and I thought, “Hey, maybe I can make a unique spin on it!” So that’s how this came to be. Hopefully, aside from a random twist here and there, you’ll enjoy a (relatively) realistic take on HiE as Pokemon. Will update sporadically, whenever I get ideas and have time to write.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Pokemon, nor do I own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They are owned by Nintendo and Hasbro respectively. I claim no credit, ownership, etc, and ask that you support the official shows.

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2130149 I may have something to do with it because I think I made the first big Pokemon/MLP crossover story, Pokemon; World Collision.

2130365 ... Pokemon what now? Sorry, never heard of it...

The first? I'm sorry, you must be confusing your own story with Hoennshy, the first Pokemon crossover story there was, and was MUCH bigger than yours. (It's also generally considered bad manners to be so boastful about your own story on another's, btw. It comes across as highly arrogant and disrespectful.)

EDIT: Looked it up. I had read the first chapter in the past, and didn't like something about it, I guess, because I never read more than that. Didn't hate it to give it a thumbs down, though, if that's any consolation.

Okay what's with the lines going through everything? Kind of make's it a bit hard to read it don't you think.

2130600 ... THANK YOU! For whatever reason, that wasn't showing on my fimfic. (Think my internet is buggy or something.) It was only supposed to go through nerd, but I guess habit had made me use instead of to stop it. Thank you VERY much for pointing that out! I had checked the chapter on my laptop, but it had only shown the lines through nerd as well as geek. Sorry about that, and thanks again for pointing that out. Should be fixed now. :twilightblush:

No problem glad I could help. Now good chapter. Both Third person and First person is fine with me. There's no reason that you can't use both. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Mane six, Princesses, Discord, and the rest of Equestria will react to the return of the Pokemon race. When does this take place in the MLP timeline? What Pokemon did he turn into?

2130700 Well, hopefully, this next chapter I'm working on will be much better, because we're getting back to the ponies. XD And yes, I've already decided to intermingle first and third person perspective, so I'm working on figuring out which symbols to use to show the first person to third person and back. I already use .o.O.o. for scene/time jump, so I'm considering using ~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~

I'm trying to make it season 3 compliant, so I still have to watch the finale, but that won't affect the next chapter. At least, not yet.

As to what Pokemon I turned into, I thought I let slip which was was before... Yeah, yeah I did. I already (Accidentally, I might mention) say what Pokemon I was, so it's in there. :raritywink:

Expect chapter 2 some time today.


Moonstone’s screams were lost as the ruins exploded in light. As the light faded, a faint voice questioned idly, “So... you think to bring Pokemon back to this world? Perhaps... but can the races of this world handle them, or are you bringing their destruction?”

^this^ looks better to me, but do what you want.

Great story!

2130938 That's what I get for writing at 2 in the morning. XD Thanks!


I actually couldn't be happier about how many pokemon crossovers there are. I LOVE pokemon.

This is pretty good so far. And, to be honest, I don't mind all the pokemon stories at all. I've favorited most of the good ones so far.

This is good. I don't mind this version of narration, at all. Just keep updating, as far as I'm concerned.

2130149 What this guy said.

Really, what's up with this? I've already seen like fifteen Pokemon fictions pop up in the recent stories section. Not that I have a problem with it... oh well. I guess it's just a phase, then. It will die out eventually. :twilightblush:

Interesting story you got here.
You're writing style is a bit different at times, almost sounds like a casual conversation with yourself (which it does end up being at times)
A few parts here and there are confusing, and a little more clarification would be nice (provide more detail, ect,.)
Pacing could be slowed down a little more as well.

Hopefully you do actually work on this, and don't just take the cliche stupid path most people do.
Don't let me down! :twilightsmile:

Also, how can you hate a Flareon?
It's adorable!

2131841 Except that the difference btw. you and he is that he (from what I could tell) just insta-down voted for what it was, rather than how it was written. I was just wondering what it was about Pokemon in Equestria that was so fascinating, so I'm trying it out, to see if I can work out what it is about it. Is it just that it's Pokemon? The style of narration? So I'm comparing stats between this and other stories, my other fic, stuff like that. There's only one other Pokemon fic I've seen that has tried the whole "Pokemon can't talk to ponies" thing, and even then, I don't know if it's because the character has no mouth yet, or if they're following the Pokeverse. (Beldum don't have mouths, so I don't know how that story is going to do it.)

So I guess this is just an experiment for me. I also have never done a first person style fic before, so I'm trying to expand myself and push myself to be a better writer, you know?

2131889 No, it... that... it's complicated! Just because I would love to HAVE one doesn't mean I would like to BE one. Then again, that's going to be a recurring theme in this fic. Humans popping up as Pokemon that don't match their personality, or not what they wanted, etc.

And yeah, I'm sorry about the details, the pacing, etc. I've always had trouble with details, so that's probably part of it, but I've also never done a first person fic before, so I don't... This is all experimental for me, I guess is the best way to explain it. I am trying hard on this fic, to grow, so if there's something in particular you can say needs better explaining, or description, please don't hesitate to say what. Thanks, and hope you enjoy it!

Wait! Sorry, before I forget again, what exactly are you afraid of happening? What is the 'cliche' path you're afraid of, so I know what to avoid? There's a LOT of cliches for a HiE, and I'm not sure which one(s) you're referring to.

Flareon IS cute, and I'd like to HAVE one, but I'm a cat at heart, and it's even my Japanese Zodiac sign, so that's why I wouldn't like being a Flareon. That, and the excessive hair treatments needed. I like to brush, not BE brushed. XD

Great chapter interesting way to meet the crusaders. Will more people turned into Pokemon be showing up? Will he ever find a way communicate?


Flareon would be an awesome Pokemon if it had any decent moves. Seriously, it has a massively high attack stat, but doesn't learn Flare Blitz? Bullshit!

2132195 Yes, more people will be showing up as Pokemon. XD 'I' just happened to be one of the first to show up near a populated area. As to the last one... Well, just wait for the next chapter. XD I mean, *I* (Even though it's a self-insert, it's not a perfect self-insert.) am intelligent, and there are other means of communicating with people than with just words and speech. X3

I might have another chapter today, actually, depending on how it goes.

2132219 Yeah, exactly. I'm a Special Attack kind of guy, so I don't like Flareon because of that as well. I MAY be messing with the move sets, though, what with being human and all.

I understand, mate.
Also, by cliche path, I meant the usual 'Person shows up as pony/human/other thing and is found by pony/human/other thing and is sent to princess/other thing.'
And then after that happens, some pony/other thing is either behind all of it, or causes havoc afterward, and then the new character is considered a hero.
You already made somebody behind all of it, but that doesn't necessarily make it bad. It helps it make more sense actually.

The way you have it right now is nice, and definitely different from some of the other ones I've read, but I feel some things could be improved on in general.
You've done pretty good so far, and I hope you eventually get better at it! :twilightsmile:

Hm, great story. Hope you're not hating on Eeveelutions there sir... Also, a Brain named Brian. +100 Girth points for imaginative. 2132219 But it can learn Flame Charge which increases speed and Fire Fang which has a chance for flinching the opponent. Combine that with Attack stat and you've got speed, attack, and chance of flinching. You also seem to be forgetting it can learn Giga Impact. Though not a good choice of moves if you ask me...

This should have more views than it does, its amazing.

2132384 XD Are you kidding? Eeveelutions are my favourite! I'm going to include the two fakemons I've designed so far in the Author's Note of the next chapter, and let you guys vote on if they should be allowed in the fic or not.

Brian... XD Lawlz, Brian exists because I have minor Disgraphia, both with writing as well as typing. (It's Dyslexia for writing, if you couldn't figure it out.)

I just don't like Flareon because I'm a Special Attack kind of guy, which is part of why I love Espeon and Glaceon so much. (Personality tests actually tell me I should be a Snow Espeon, which is what my 'real' Pokesona is. Why I'm a Flareon instead will be explained later in the story, but I'm not going to spoil it... X3

2132370 Then I hate to say that, to some extent, this is going to be cliche. Sorry, but do you really think that Pokemon just showing up out of nowhere in increasing numbers is going to be something that the Princesses, or Twilight, are going to ignore? I sure hope not! That would be incredibly ignorant and stupid on their part. The following is story spoilers, though, so don't scroll over the it if you're not interested.

Yeah, 'I' meet the Princess later. No, I'm nothing special compared to anyone else. The cast of characters is actually going to grow quite large, and it will take a combination of Pokemon, and ponies, to face the threat that Equestria will find itself under. Hopefully you'll be fine with how it's handled, but what you're asking me to avoid would be highly out of character and naive of the Princess not to check out. You don't just ignore a new, intelligent species that appears out of nowhere and hope for the best.

2132442 I don't see why you should have a vote when it is your story. Though... I think fakemon may drive some people away. Not entirely sure but I am just saying. Also, hoping to see more of Brian! :pinkiehappy:

2131892 I get it. I forgot to up vote, by the way. Good story! :rainbowkiss:

Not entirely what I meant, but what you meant is what I was hoping for.
It does make an entire amount of sense, and what I was looking for and really glad about is the fact that you mentioned that the main characters wasn't entirely 'special' to the point where it would muck up the entire story.

And what I meant by being shown to the Princess is some ridiculous thing like she knew it all along, or one single person being sent to her (like if only ONE person became a Pokemon EVER in the whole story)
Since it's really more of a wider amount of people than just a small select few, it definitely makes sense to bring it up.

I don't mean to confuse you or anything, but we are on the same page here. (Trust me- it may not look like I am, but I am. This kinda thing happens to me way more often than it should.)

2132735 No, I get it. I'm bad at explaining some things, so I understand, yeah. :twilightsmile:

I feel you, man! :twilightsheepish:

EDIT: I also may be able to make some cover art, I don't think I can though.
Depends, really.

2132849 Well, feel free to try! I just chose that because it was a commission I received, and I knew I had permission to use it. XD (That, and I hoped the neonesque appearance would be interesting.)

I'm interested in seeing what way this develops.

Comment posted by Dragon363 deleted Feb 17th, 2013

Fanmade eveelutions in a pokemon fanfic?

YES! Use them both. I demand it of you!:flutterrage:

2133441 You like my designs?! Woohoo! Thanks! I'm a lot more proud of the Soleon than I am Misteon, though Soleon needs a better name. XD Anywho... Any name suggestions for Flareon!Me?

Very good so far. And I do like your Eeveelution ideas. May I request you make bug and ghost type ones next? Pretty please?:fluttershysad: As for the name, how about Farenheit? It's a heat related name that I feel is under-used.

2133490 ? What do you mean? Have them be introduced to the story next, or... I can't draw. These were commissions by Rueme. Costs 25 dollars a picture to bring a design to life. Misteon and Soleon are the only two I commissioned because they were the only unique designs I could come up with. (And Misteon is a Ghost/Water hybrid.)

Any name suggestions for Flareon! me?

I don't exactly like the idea of bringing Fakemon into this, it kinda loses the original feel, and not all readers would understand it and it could cause a lot of confusion.
As for a name, just plain Flareon. Or Kevin, because it's like Kelvin, which is a temperature scale...
...I'm just going to go crawl up in this corner over here.

I choose the name... Ignis! Hoping we see more escapades of Fluffy, Brian, and the CMC. This story I'm loving so far.

BTW , awesome fic !!!!!

Comment posted by VMasquaradeV deleted Feb 17th, 2013

Fireball... I dunno, man, you're the author.

A name you say?
All right I'll give it a shot.

2134165 not reading if what is the case?

This is quite a decent fic. As for a name... How about Xan?

This is great, keep updating. It's only going to get more and more interesting as time goes on, and more pokemon come into Equestria- and, one other thing. Since apparently ponies are going to have pokemon- and are going to be trainers- then can I suggest Twilight gets Alakazam ;)?

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