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Been writing for awhile, hoping to add my style here on FIMFiction, My avatar was done be the talented Sakuyamon, you can find her on DeviantArt.


Yusuke Urameshi tried to live a normal life, but no matter what, he always kept finding himself getting into trouble, then one day he finds himself dead after an act of heroism. Now in ghost form he thinks he'll go to heaven or most likely hell.

However he's granted a second chance at life, but not on Earth, instead he'll be sent to a world filled with peace, love, and understanding...will he fit in with the populace? Or will he still find trouble no matter what?

Yusuke Urameshi plus other Yu Yu Hakusho Characters and their likenesses belong to Yoshihiro Togashi

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 76 )

This story seems interesting, particularly because some events of the manga are altered.

Instant fave!:twilightsmile::raritystarry::pinkiehappy::yay::ajsmug:

My favourite manga/anime!

I remember this series. I liked Yu Yu Hakusho up to the end of the black tournament, the next arc I have always been on the fence about, and the last arc I simply ignore because it was a crash ending.

I am going to keep an eye on this, and after it has grown a few chapters i will start reading.

I've been waiting for this...

4884152 MY CHILDHOOD, YES!!! :rainbowkiss: ALL MY YES TO THIS FIC!!!

This is goin to be awesome.

A few editing alterations here and there. Other than that, you have me hooked :pinkiesmile:


In what way may I ask? :rainbowhuh:

While I haven't read it yet. You better do it right.

4888417 Just some grammar and punctuation. Other than that, you're doing great. :eeyup:

4889663 All right, thank you for help, and thanks for the compliment. :twilightsmile:

Oh, yes!
Yusukes' "I am not gonna take this bullshit" personality is just perfect for butting heads with the Equestrians.:rainbowkiss:
I can't wait.

Nice start so far~

when will the next chapter come out?

4943395 My best guess is that the next chapter will be out in two to three weeks...maybe.:derpytongue2:

i look forward to the next chapter ^_^

Glad to see this story is back.

I don't trust a doctor named 'Kill Patient'.

Is that just me or...


It's a bit of a joke from an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. :derpytongue2:

5586199 I actually remember that....wow, now I feel old.


Well in this particular cartoon Elmer Fudd is convinced he's contracted a disease called "Rabbititus" from having been in contact with a rabbit, namely Bugs Bunny.

Anyways Bugs disguises himself as a doctor and uses the name Dr. Kill-patient and pulls pranks on Elmer.

5586256 I may or may not have seen that episode.

Also you should update.

Wow, I was beginning to think you've forgotten this story!:rainbowderp:?


Yeah sorry about that, been in a slump, plus I like to make doubly sure that everything reads right before I go posting my work.

i was hoping this story would keep going, keep up the great work ^_^

Doesn't it just annoy you to no end when you keep getting interrupted? At least Blueblood was present to help relax him and prevent the first "test firing" of his spirit gun in the castle.

Nice chapter, but it needs a lot of editing.

She watches on as both the nurse and doctor examine Yusuke for any inconsistency's.

That should be "inconsistencies".

Shortly after a good shower plus putting on his clothes, both Yusuke and Celestia leave the infirmary with the teens school bag and diploma in tow.

That should be "teen's".

"Now Yusuke we're about to enter the dining hall and you're very likely to meet my niece and nephew, plus the captain of the guard, his sister who is my prized pupil and her assistant. Do you think you can be on your best behavior if I introduce you to them?"

I suggest putting a comma between these two words.

A female voice calls out as both Celestia and Yusuke look to see a young female unicorn around the same age as Yusuke's.

I would suggest deleting that "'s".

She goes up to Celestia and hugs her, fallowing close behind was a small baby dragon with purple scales and green spikes that went from the top of his head to the tip of his tail , from Yusuke's view he looks like he's twelve years old.

First, that should be "following". And second, you should delete the space before that comma.

Fallowing her was a male unicorn with white fur, sky blue eyes, and royal blue mane and tail with both midnight blue and turquoise highlights.

Again, that should be "Following".

"Cadence! Bbbff!"

I suggest capitalizing that, otherwise it may seem like Twilight's blowing a raspberry.

"Cadence this is Yusuke Urameshi, I met him on my journey yesterday."

I suggest that you put a comma after "Cadence" and change the existing comma to a period.

"Yusuke this is my niece Princess Cadence and standing next to her is Shining Armor, my captain of the royal gaurd."

I would put commas after "Yusuke" and "niece". Also, you misspelled "guard".

"So you were going to tell us how you met Celestia on her Journey?"

That shouldn't be capitalized.

Yusuke this is my nephew Prince Blueblood."

I would put a comma after "Yusuke" and "nephew".

"Don't tell me what to do you mongrel."

I'd put a comma after "do".

Just as the last of the waitstaff left Blueblood returns looking a bit exhausted and disheveled.

First off, "wait staff" should be two words. Second, there should be a comma after "left". Third, the proper tense for this sentence should be "returned". And fourth, you misspelled "dishevelled".

"Your majesty, a visitor has arrived to see a Yusuke Urameshi?"

That should be a period.

"So who's Botan? Is she a friend of your's?"

That should be "yours".

At the End of the table is Princess Celestia, and that's her star pupil Twilight Sparkle and the little guy here is Twilight's assistant Spike."

First, "end" should be capitalized. And second, I would put commas after "pupil", "Sparkle" and "assistant".

She eventually let's go and stands straight up and proceeds to bow to Celestia.

That should be "lets".

"Spike, there's no such thing as ghosts plus Yusuke is sitting right here, he's not dead, and it'd be impossible to bring the dead back to life."

I would put a comma after "ghosts" and change the highlighted comma to a period.

"Yusuke have you told everyone how you arrived here?"

And lastly, I'd put a comma after "Yusuke".

5586199 I knew it :rainbowlaugh:

This was a good chapter aside from a couple grammatical errors. I honestly forgot this was an anthro story, too :derpytongue2:

Nice to see Yusuke give Blueblood a small taste of his bad side. Just imagine if Blueblood manages to piss off Yusuke...

Huh Shinobu is in this chapter? I'm guessing this takes place a bit before he became a villain or something? Cause from what I know of him, he was the main villain of the Chapter Black Arc.


It's actually an alternate setting of the Yu Yu Hakusho universe,


Wow, thanks for your help, I already made the changes to the chapter, I'll be sure to note that you had helped me with this chapter.

Very good. As a Yu Yu Hakusho Fan I approve of this story. You got Yusuke's character down to a T.


Did you change the fact that Yusuke is a Mazoku or half demon more powerful than a S class thanks to Toshin Raizen who is his ancestor 44 generations before?


No, this story takes place in an alternate universe, basically an older Yusuke dies when he pushes the little boy out of the way before he gets hit by a speeding car.

5690782 So same death, different time , and different history.


I know, I know. :applecry:

I've been working on the next chapter and hopefully it'll be done and posted by ether this week or next.

The story concept is really good. Being a big fan of both MLP and Yu Yu Hakusho I really counting on you won't 'left us hanging'. ;)
Yusuke vs. Nightmare?
Dear me. (Spirit Gun time ahead. :) )
Just wondering... Later I would like a 'Luna tag' because you know... A Conversation between her and Yusuke would be - I don't know- AWESOME? :D:rainbowlaugh:
So WE are waiting for the next chapter(s). :twilightsmile:

Kuwabara in Equestria...Rematch anyone?

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