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steel soul

Gonna work on that Kingdom Hearts fic at some point


After awkening within a world he did not know, A pony named Sol would soon find that despite the sickenly cute tone of the world, there where dangers even he thought he would never have to face.

Gulty GearXMy Little Pony

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 43 )

I like this, time to fav.

:pinkiehappy: oh yeah, this is going to be awesome:coolphoto:

Seems like another great story.

What is this a crossover with?

The ending to the story was to random it had no falling action or resolution and there was numerous spelling and grammer mistakes that need to be corrected

So...I take it he still has his Gear powers...does this mean we can expect a 'DRAGON INSTALL-!' at some point in the future?

Sol seems to be taking this rather well.:twilightsmile:

4078524 That response doesn't make any sense. I posted that video specifically because he uses 'buck' instead of 'fuck' (which is a pretty ridiculous word association; it really doesn't make sense why people use it)

EDIT: By the way, you're doing it wrong.

4078593 okay, granted.:twilightsmile:
But that wasn't the post i meant. There was the one that i saw and thought that that video would be appropriate.
Just saying. However, big :facehoof: on my part for not giving a clarification. Sorry.

is this going to be continued?

Good job taking and examinig someones stuff WITHOUT his consent Twi he's gonna be your friend that's for sure.
Anyway Interesting story so far let's see where you go with this.

I really enjoy this chapter. Hope to see how AJ and Sol will interact in the following part.

Hoo boy, Sol is already off to a terrific start in making new friends. *sarcasm*

Though, I don't think he'll harm AJ after she helped him; he isn't that kind of jerk, no matter how he acts. But he does enjoy provoking people he thinks are being uptight and try to order him around (like Ky). Can't wait to see where this goes in the next chapter.

And yeah Twilight, poking around other people's possessions to satiate your scientific curiosity ISN'T going to make it easy for you to befriend a guy as private and borderline asocial as Sol. I am interested in seeing if he retains his magical scientific knowledge since talking about subjects like that are one of the few times he'll actually hold a conversation with someone. It would be a decent icebreaker.


Justifiable to some extent since you have an unknown earth pony that has access to magic and took on multiple timberwolves, though I'm of the same opinion as you guys; ya' don't do that shite, though I can see justification for it.

So, moved this from deadfics to tracking. I really hope it gets to stay there or move up to favorites.

Oh boy! Applejack, you do not know what you just did!

Excelente capitulo espero el siguiente con ansias

How the hell did this story get into my favorites!? Seriously! I like the story, but I don't ever recall coming across it.

Now I'm invested in this story and desperately want more. It will be great when Sol just takes his sword back and blows off Twilight and the others.

So I'm guessing this takes place post X'rd Sign seeing as Fredrick has Junkyard Dog as opposed to Fire Seal.


I can kinda picture Sol living out in the Everfree Forest on the off-chance he decides not to room with Fluttershy, Twilight or Applejack. Guy tends to live out in the dangerous wilderness anyway and he'll probably find a quiet friend in Zecora. I just can't wait until he runs into Pinkie. If he thought Faust was the craziest and most random person he's ever met...

Well, he still is, but Pinkie comes at very, very close second.

Hoho man, I am going to enjoy the next part. Looking forward to the next chapter. :)

She done goof

Yaaay, the first GG cross ff that I read (at least here) I have a group crossover of ASW x MLP in general, wanna add this story to the group? Do you know if there are more stories like this?

I don't know if there are any more but I do have a Blazblue Story I am doing as well

7698929 :pinkiegasp: YOU IS ALIVE?!?!
:pinkiehappy:WHEN IS NEXT CHAPTER!!!:twilightsmile:

Working on something with a friend of mine. I'll be sure to work on this though

7701394 you better.... Or else, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will stalk you until you update.... And so you know I'm serious... :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

7943549 I know... I can see you through the window..... :trollestia:

7948935 Shhh... No tears now... Only writing...

Is this dead? What's going on.

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