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While trying to get home from Camelot, Sonic is accidentally sent to Equestria along with the Sacred Swords and Caliburn. After a bit of confusion, Sonic and the girls try to find a way to send him home. But an evil lurks on the horizon and wants Sonic dead. Will Sonic be able to overcome this adversary or will he fall into darkness. Find out in "Sonic and the Equestrian Knight"! (Tags will be added as necessary)

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 32 )

If I may ask, who has the misfortune of having that uncouth, blue abomination falling in love them? (Tries to hide his snickering)

4368554 All shall be revealed...Probably...maybe...hopefully. Probably not.

4369202 :rainbowhuh: I dislike you in this moment...... :ajbemused:

I like the new start, seems a lot more natural with the rebuilding of the kingdom yet I'm still kinda confused why the sacred swords were transported to Equestria, their bond to Sonic and his Excalibur Form?

6196270 I wanted them to be of use for the final battle. Unless you think Sonic should use the Elements similar to the Sacred Swords. Just now thought of that.

6196270 Y'know what. I think I'm gonna change that.

6196573 actually I like the concept of having the swords there it actually, it would make sense if it was the bond between Sonic and his Excalibur form in a sense.you can also try and implement the elements in there somewhere or something depending on what point in the series this story takes place

6196595 Alright I won't change it. But is there anything I should add to it?

6196602 well since during Sonic and the Black Knight Sonic and Caliburn have grown a friendship and since that the sacred swords are connected to the secret of Excalibur within caliburn and that bond of friendship brings caliburn thus bringing the other swords too , that right?

6196629 "Copy and paste of explanation" Check. Just kidding, but thanks I'll use that when I explain why they're there.

When is the nets chapter

It should hopefully come out soon. The main problem has been that I'm lazy.:trollestia:

7072000 It's has been posted.

I know that Lost World is a later game, but I can tell that Sonic started trolling after that point. Where's Twilight in all this and is it normal for the loyal ones to be paranoid?

i'm lost where is chapters 1&2?:duck::applejackconfused:

7294846 Sorry... I had to change the titles...

SO.....is the story going to keep going?
I like the premise of it and I want to see where it goes.

7497886 Yeah. I haven't had time...

7497940 Oh ok then, take your time I guess?

7497946 I'll get it done tomorrow.

7734587 Sorry... I've been busy with everything.

In Equestria, what is considered mythical is considered real and what is considered real is considered to be a myth.

7860953 That's kind of hard to explain. What could be considered mythological here on earth, probably exists in Equestria, and vice versa.

7861089 That's what I meant to say, but for whatever reason didn't make sense.

Hey you still making the next chapter for this story?

Currently working on it.

Love it can’t wait to read more.

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