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[Displaced Story]

[I own only the plotline of this story]

My name is Roronoa Zoro, but most know me as the Green Demon. Fifteen hundred years ago I was the most wanted creature on Equus. Armies attempted to stop me, only for me to crush them. At one point, they got in a lucky shot and turned me into another trophy from an era best left forgotten.


I am a type of ally, helping to stop or hinder the coming storm that will shake this very world to its foundations. And they can't find anyone better, much to their dismay.

I have Haki. I have companions. And I've got common sense. Get ready for this demon’s return.

Crossovers (in order) with:

The Mighty Warrior of Epicness/
For Glory! For Equus! For Epicness!

The Price of Power

I’ll Get the Job Done

A Passing Through Kamen Rider

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Okay... not exactly sure where this is going, but I like it.

when did the army grow from 25,806 units to over 100,000? I thought the dragons chickened out, and even then they don't seem like enough to bolster ranks that much.

Seems interesting, I like it so far.
As ShadeBlitz pointed out the numbers don´t make sence, either the UEF Army is 258,060 soldiers strong or Zoro ko'ed just 10,000 soldiers.
And it seems that Celestia watchetd a bit to much Overlord, am I right^^

Comment posted by PrincessMoonzilla deleted Oct 7th, 2017

Shit, didn't even realize that! Thanks man!

You could be onto something there.

Is the 'turned to stone' cliche unavoidable? I've seen this quite alot in Displaced stories.


DisplacedWriter makes a good question

I'd say it is more like a lack of imagination. It's an issue that can crop up in these stories alongside the bashing of Celestia (and potentially other ponies), usually through unnecessary or outright inexplicable antagonism.

The United Equus Force stood in wait of their opponent. Ponies, zebras, griffins, minotaurs, and diamond dogs stood side by side for the first time in history. No species were belittling another, nor threatening each other. All of them were united, brothers and sisters in arms on this warm morning. All readied with armor, weapons, or magic, it didn't matter. They were prepared.

An army of 25,806 stood united against a common enemy.

In the front stood the six leaders the collective races.

Emperor Auric Falconia stood tall, an axe and sword strapped to his belt. Golden, enchanted armor surrounded his chest and arms, light enough to be able to fly without problems.

Head Shammoness Sumu held her staff, a mask made to bring luck in battle covering her face. She opted to wear traditional zebafrican monk robes, knowing all armor would do was weigh her down, and it offered little protection against what they were to face.

King Iron Bull had his arms crossed, waiting to use his new battle axe on the monster that dared take his horn. Plenty of enchanted plating covered all of his vitals, ready to be put to the test.

Patches, the first Prime Alpha of the Diamond Dogs, was eager to show exactly why dogs ruled the ground.

And finally, there were the two Equestrian Princesses, Celestia and Luna. While the eldest was wearing golden armor designed to take extreme impacts from meteors themselves, a massive war hammer in hand, the younger was wearing a dark blue armor made of Star Metal, an ore taken straight from the heart of a meteor, a scythe across her shoulders.

Wow, now what kind of enemy warrants this :applejackunsure:

Before the army was the Green Demon himself.

Roronoa Zoro.

................ :facehoof: you know... it was very possible that he would have gotten lost on the way there and not shown up at all, that would have been embarrassing :twilightblush:

“ Twin Maximize Magic: Quasar !”

Oh hey, Overlord :twilightsmile:

Now i wonder how this happend, given Zoro's personality, if they did not want to fight he probably would not fight them

I'm honestly shocked that no one got the Dragon Age reference.

When they do confront him
He would just look annoyed and go back to napping

KO awesome chapter, well things have gotten interesting now that Zoro is free from the stone prison as he'll wonder the world hoping to find something fun to do. He really scared the life out of Celestia and Luna, does he? :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

Brooke and Robin baby!

*points a finger menacingly* their better be skull jokes

I need to ask, is he a villain or a hero here and how are you planning to use the sex tag here?
I don't know his personality yet, but I don't like it that much if the story would start to look like it is only focused on sex in every chapter or something. I prefer it rare and with some romantic/meaning in it, not having him simply staring at asses all day if he should have some playboy personality.

Hhhhmm I know Zorro, but I don'T really prefer it if one of them is op right from the start, the royals or Zorro.

I would like to see him growing stronger and stuff like that. I need to see where this is going before saying more.

“Oi,” it shouted. “Which way is out? I'm kind of lost.”

It is interessting how often their brains start to transform with them, to a point it could just be "Zorro in Equestria", instead of "boy turned into Zorro in Equestria, because of......"

Often enough the displaced also get the famous "I'm strong now, which means next step is....aha go crazy for more power or something like that.!!!"

“Damn that was tedious,” I said aloud. Honestly, if Celestia wanted to protect her subjects, at least try to train them properly when it comes to combat.

IS he expecting them to creat witebeards, or does he just means they could have done more?

To soon for a crossover in my book, but I'm curious if I know the character and it still managed to not be that bad till now.

HHhhhmmm his personality feels like I have seen it already several times, "what the fuck one punch man" personality. I got a bit creative or simple in my opinion here, I don't know which way you want to see it, but sometimes I just simply say how I see it without really trying to be mean. I might have to add that I don'T expect much from Displaced stories lately, since I have seen several bad once, or at least I started to hate them since the second type of Displaced (the one that started to teach the displaced like some acient masters.)

Looks like a gilgamesh kinda dude, not really evil but likes to fight and little else holds his interest.

Is this some dumbass in a costume, or THE Roronoa Zolo?

Well Gilgamesh was kind of nice even if sometimes a bit to op. However this was one of the....well what I would call good Displaced stories.

He's an unintentional villain in this story, the cause for it will be seen in the future.

He's a dude stuck with Zoro's body.

To be honest, Gilgamesh was a huge inspiration to me. In fact, he shares a lot of similarities in personality with him on many levels. One of the differences in Zoro's personality is that he doesn't activelly antagonize anyone, instead simply defending himself and his loved ones.

You're never lost, you just forgot (or are to stubborn) to ask for directions.

The only problem I can see so far is that Zoro doesn't have conquerors haki canonically.

I started a small fire, trying out if Armament Haki did in fact start fires. It works, by the way.

Ha, I see what you did there. nice

Now the stone part, well, you can't really expect a teenager to successfully control post-time skip Zoro’s raw power, can you?

And there's the explanation i needed :twilightsmile:

Now, I luckily still have my sense of direction, not Zoro’s, so I won’t get lost as easily. 

dammit :trixieshiftleft:

Murphy’s law had just been evoked.


He’s fought many creatures bigger than this, and emerged victorious.

Exactly, so maybe, and hear me out on this one... maybe, size does not matter :trollestia:

“Why is this my life,” I asked as I finally landed on somewhat even ground. “Oh well, no use complaining about things you’ve got no power over.”

Well said :coolphoto:

And thus, Murphy’s Law was evoked by the fillies who cause enough chaos to rival the draconequus himself.

May whatever god out there have mercy on that poor forest’s non-existent soul.

sorry, oh wild forest, but.... MURPHY DEMANDS A SACRIFICE :pinkiecrazy:

good point... maybe hes just that scary to the smaller ponies, lol.

Sanji, Robin, Brook, and Zoro. That's four straw hats and that leaves five more to go. Luffy, Chopper, Nami, Franky, and Ussop. This is an amazing story! I can't wait for the next chapter!

No promises that they'll pop up, but there will be characters who act or are inspired life them.

Trust me, he won't be like that for long. So far it's only been him by his lonesome or second long interactions. He'll take off his mask around friends.

Comment posted by Kefka Lord of Insanity deleted Oct 31st, 2017

He may not have conquerers Haki yet in cannon but he certainly fits the qualifications to have it. Besides he has proven time and again that has both amazing powers of willpower and intimidation so he can have it.

That last one seemed to be described as Sanji.

:pinkiegasp: You shall be missed lemon margarine pie. Your life was cut short before forfilling your purpose in life. :fluttershysad:

'Twas a sad day amungst confections everywhere.:fluttershysad:
All sent their goodpies at the funeral

just found this story love what you have done

I'm enjoying this story, good work.:moustache:

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