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Headache...At...Idiocy... · 3:20pm Feb 20th, 2018

Honestly.....I can FEEL my brain cells dying with every dumba** I find on here. The few stories I like are the only reason I keep coming back here though I wish they would go to Fanfiction where it's easier on my mind.

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That's the funny thing about certain people. They seem fine in one area, only to not be fine at all in other areas, or sometimes even that area.

I learned this from Derpibooru. Just because it looks fine does not mean it is fine. Always keep an open mind.

Yeah I kept running into butcher on Anon-a-miss fics nearly always saying stuff like "another shitty forgiveness fic" except they'd even say it on fics that didn't have Sunset forgive the human five. I think I'd only ever seen one positive comment from them and it was a backhanded compliment that they took back and started bad-mouthing next chapter.

Well, he never acted that way to me. Seemed pretty okay. Then again, I never witnessed any of this.

Yeah, and at a damn 8 year old. What a shame that people have to act like this.

One of those people with less social empathy, I see.

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