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    Honestly.....I can FEEL my brain cells dying with every dumba** I find on here. The few stories I like are the only reason I keep coming back here though I wish they would go to Fanfiction where it's easier on my mind.

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  • 322 weeks
    I Do NOT Wish Death On Anyone However...

    I may not like this place, the corruption makes me sick, but I do not wish death or any real dark thoughts on anyone here.

    Forgive but not forget.

    (Also, for Meester: I did NOT threaten anyone you mook.)

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    The Point (New)

    Well I don't need to repeat myself (cause some can't handle the truth) but what I said before stands.

    Trying to block me from spilling the truth.

    Saw that coming miles away.

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Headache...At...Idiocy... · 3:20pm Feb 20th, 2018

Honestly.....I can FEEL my brain cells dying with every dumba** I find on here. The few stories I like are the only reason I keep coming back here though I wish they would go to Fanfiction where it's easier on my mind.

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Well, fanfictions don't have to be good. But, if you can keep away from the low quality fanfics, that's great! I'm sorry to hear that it's gotten bad with the hard-core liberals, that this site will give you a headache. Hopefully, that will change.

What do you have against liberals?

He gets spammed with hate by them...

Is he a hardcore conservative/ Republican?

I don't think so...

Considering the language he's used in his prior blogs, such as saying "their" journey ends with a bullet to the head, he comes off as incredibly unstable. Not surprised he gets spammed with hate.

Edit: I can't imagine his real life is any better.

Or... It's not surprising he sounds hostile to people he gets hate from. I wouldn't do it, but, I can understand that after a while, people have enough.

In the end, we would have to see what kind of hate he gets spammed with. But, based on my past experiences in the fandom, I wouldn't be surprised if it was enough to drive to the breaking point.

He kind of lost the high ground when talked about putting bullet in heads. Death threats >> Internet trolling. Besides, everyone talks shit and receives shit online. If you can't handle that then it says more about your emotional control and stability than anything.

Curious, what hate did you get on here?

On Derpibooru*

I don't approve of homosexuality. But, I don't hate homosexuals. This is the difference between homophobia and anti-LGBT. But, lots of people think it's still wrong. I created a thread to hear why people think that. Golly, did they

1. Try hard to change my belief.
2. Antagonize me. They specifically stated that.

I wouldn't be surprised at this fandom hating people for their political views anymore.

Edit made 27 days after posting:
And I see that somebody has furthered this fact by downvoting my comment. I guess I was right. People don't think that we're entitled to our beliefs.

Ah, makes sense now. I'm liberal but against SJWs/political correctness. Some call it "classical liberal." I'll say this regarding how liberals give folks like you hell:

For the vast majority of human history being gay was a death sentence in most of the world. At best it meant your parents thinking of you as a disgrace. Why? Because of people who were against homosexuality.

So now the foot is on the other foot. Most people are for homosexuality, and many people, especially gays, remember the days when people who opposed their lifestyle made their lives hell, if not outright killed them. So you better believe they either want you to join them or suffer.

Like I said, I'm not one of them. However, I have no sympathy for people like you. You think it's tough being anti-gay in 2018 America. Try being gay in 2018 Uganda or 1958 America. You'll be hanging from a tree. Stop being a snowflake.

I took it. I'm just saying not to be surprised if these sorts of behaviors results in the reaction you get from TheRedButcher. I wonder if I should link to the thread. Believe you me, I took it. I ain't no snowflake.

Yeah, I'd like a link to thread.

I would like to invite not just you, but TheRedButcher to view this.

The formatting looked so weird at first. Thought my phone was acting out.

Props for taking all that, though. If you don't like homosexuality, but are okay with gays having equal protection under the law (gay marriage, no job discrimination, etc.) then I'm cool with it. But most people WILL see you as a bad person, if not a horrible person.

What's a bad person is subjective. According to you it might be someone who doesn't follow the tenets of religion. But to many the bible holds as much weight as a pile of dirty socks (me included). Just like homosexuality is "wrong" based on the morality of the bible, your views are "wrong" based on current morality. I don't really know what to say beyond that. Perhaps reevaluate why you're against homosexuality? (Is it entirely religious?)

I did evaluate on that in the thread. Though, it would probably be better to continue this in PM or on the thread, rather than derail TheRedButcher's blog post.

Probably, saw thirteen posts outta nowhere.

Yeah. Sorry about that, bro. Unless you have any further comment on this subject, such as in response to 4801667>>4801735, that'll be the end of it.

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