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Love How Quickly and How Small I Can Do Expressions Now · 4:54am March 13th

This pic is VERY zoomed in and the expression was done in like 1 minute while half asleep lol. And once again, it's a style I've never drawn before.

This is by far the smallest and quickest I've been able to do expressions. Which is awesome since I'm still so new to them.

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Annoying child: *returns*

Hi, Deep! How are you doing? Are you happy or sad or tired or ill or what? You're very quiet. Not that I'm not quiet from time to time, but you haven't said much recently and as one of your friends it's my moral duty to check up on you from time to time to check that you're all ok and that nothing bad has happened to you recently. :pinkiehappy:

have a follow!

I'm glad to see that.

Thanks for the follow

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