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Bleh, Genetics Are Winning (For Now) · 6:02am September 15th

Since my Elhers-Danlos affects my shoulders most of all, upper body pressing exercises are beyond difficult to progress on. Which is saying something considering my Elhers-Danlos led to a labrum tear in each of my hips lol. Training hard works on everything except pressing, leading to hilarious strength discrepancies. My shoulders, chest and triceps might be 5x weaker than they should be compared to the rest of my body. And that's not an exaggeration haha.

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I Am Now Over 2x Stronger Than Sombra · 10:50pm August 27th

Yes, I'm gonna keep this dumb joke going :rainbowlaugh:

Inspired by this pic:

Despite being tired everywhere and having done rows last night, I did an easy set of two with 200lbs today with no warmup. For each arm obviously. I mean, are warm-ups really needed with a movement like rows lol?

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Introvert Problems · 6:27am August 14th

Off-topic, but I'm writing pony fics again right now and it's SO FUN!!! Seriously, I'm in a super good mood right now :yay:

On the topic of introvertness (is that a word haha?)...

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Well, Guess It's Time to Run Now · 3:46am August 1st

Now that my joints are good enough to run consistently, I was thinking it was time I stopped being absolutely dogshit at running.

So for the first time in over 8 years, I decided to run a mile... and it was actually super easy!!!

Which is awesome considering I'm 223 lbs in the morning now. I still had to be pretty careful and slow during it to see how my hips and knees feel. But they actually felt fine considering the insane lay off.

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Well, Time to be Transphobic Again · 2:13am July 30th

I really need to stop with purposely idiotic titles :rainbowlaugh:

I recently got in trouble for supposed "transphobia," so I thought I'd share it here since this site has a sizable trans community.

Basically, I met someone who I wasn't sure was trans. They looked like a stereotypical man, though with long hair and makeup. So I asked them if they were trans and identified as a girl so I knew what pronouns to use.

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170lbs Dumbbell Rows are Easy Now · 6:22am July 19th

Felt proud so I wanted to share :twilightblush:

Did 8 sets of rows per arm with 160 lbs, and then loaded up 170 lbs on the dumbbell for the 9th and final set.

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Arcane is So Good I'm Actually Shocked · 6:59am July 10th

I still have no clue what League of Legends is other than that it's a video game, but goddamn Arcane is amazing and hit me in the feels.

Legit 10/10

Ekko vs Jinx :raritycry:

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Genetics: Actually Getting Bored of Lifting/Getting Bigger and Stronger · 5:27am June 7th

Definitely a weird title for my first blog post in a while :rainbowlaugh:

As crazy as it sounds, I actually feel that I'm losing interest in lifting. It's not really a surprise since I've always been a giant nerd and geek at heart. Besides, the reason I felt compelled to get stronger and bigger was:

1) As a middle finger to my genetics for thinking they could control me
2) I view hitting a certain size and strength level as a mandatory requirement for myself. No excuses!

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Love How Quickly and How Small I Can Do Expressions Now · 4:54am March 13th

This pic is VERY zoomed in and the expression was done in like 1 minute while half asleep lol. And once again, it's a style I've never drawn before.

This is by far the smallest and quickest I've been able to do expressions. Which is awesome since I'm still so new to them.

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If I Can't Suplex a 380 lbs Offensive Lineman, Then I am Weak (Part 3 of 3) · 4:30am March 12th

Part 2 HERE

How's that for a grabbing title :pinkiecrazy:

Alrighty, so here are the next goals to crush:

1. Dumbbell Row-
160lbs x 5 x 10 (each rep paused for a 1-count)
220lbs x 1+

Should be easy since my rows keep going up no matter what I do lol.

2. Chin Up-
100 Total in 30 minutes @220lbs

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