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"A world without friendship is a lonely world indeed."


After seeing Rarity's new boyfriend, Spike realizes that he's too ugly to ever date her.

But what scares him the most is the realization that he might not ever be attractive enough to date anypony. It takes a conversation with Twilight to help him realize just how special he is.

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Bruh, you are on an absolute roll today!

:moustache: That's how the Cookie Crumbles
:raritycry: What's my mother got to do with this?
:twilightoops: Wut? :moustache: ???
:duck: . . .
:moustache: - -
:facehoof: Go ahead you two

This was a wonderful story with a very good--very important--message. Thank you for this. It helped me in a time I very much needed it.


Glad you two enjoyed it :twilightsmile:




Thanks, dude! I have like 10 stories piled up that I need to publish so I can get them out of the way and finally get to the stories I really want to make haha.

This fiction is way too hard to let go. This is an amazing story.

"Everypony couldn’t stop discussing how Rarity’s new stallion was the very definition of a man"

I mean his front legs were way too short to stand on, and he had those weird gangly, fleshy claw-things instead of hooves! His mane was just flat across his whole skull, and his ears just kind of hung there. It was so creepy. Like, what does she even see in a creature like that?

Is it wrong that I would love a follow-up story to this, where Spike run into Rarity again and pretty much get back at her by introducing his special somecreature to her?? Sorry, when I see things like this, part of me says 'I will show you all' and 'you will regret rejecting me, Rarity'. Sound pathetic of me feeling this way, though...:fluttercry::facehoof:

Whatever he did paid off! Just check out Mr. Steal Yo' Mare now!


Man I know I've felt what Spike's gone through at some point, it hits harder then you expect it to. Very nice story and I'm glad how Spike came out on top.
Though then he got super buff and Rarity instantly swood the end.

Somehow, this fic made me remember a couple of fics that Spike was a pony because Poison Joke... Only it didn't work 100% like a pony

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