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"A world without friendship is a lonely world indeed."


Sunset Shimmer is the most talented of all of Princess Celestia's students, so much so that the princess is her own personal mentor. After acing her latest test, she is certain she will be named a princess, so she has nothing to worry about when a new student named Twilight Sparkle enters Celestia's school, right?

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Comment posted by tut895 deleted Jun 5th, 2014

will be following this to see how it goes

Thanks! I'll try not to disappoint:rainbowwild:

Ooh can't wait for next chapter!:pinkiehappy: this is getting good!

This sums it up, especially since I've begun my own fic and seen another Sunset start up lately.

Thanks for the kind words guys!

Prepare to be bested by Twilight, Sunset.
I'm looking forward to this. (Smiles evilly because there is not smiling evilly face)

im waiting for this to turn into a rap battle...

That would be awesome

I can't wait for the finale already. Okay, there are a few spelling errors, but they don't break the story's flow at all. Just have some proof reading and you'll be all set.


No matter how much I proofread there's always some that get past me. I'll try to find them.

She's like Trixie.... but worse. :twilightoops: Can't wait for Twilight to be all, :twilightangry2:.

I always thought of Sunset Shimmer as Trixie 2.0

Leave it to Twilight to get two rivals instead of one:facehoof:

So I thought the next chapter came out I saw it appear in my feed but not my unread favorites so when I went to click on it it said that the story did not Exist... so what I'm asking is did you accidentally submit the chapter before it was ready then immediately take it off?:duck:

Pretty much lol. Hit the publish button by accident.

4550320 any chance of it coming out today?:rainbowwild:

4522632 There's actually a fanfic where Twilight ends up as mentor to both Trixie and Sunset. Is pretty neat, "Twilight's Home For Reformed Unicorns" I believe is the name.

I can only imagine what would make sunset think Tia wants to make twi a princess. Only thing I can make out from Tia and Twi conversation is that Tia eventually wants twi to talk to her as a friend/equal.

Anyway, keep this gem of a story going

That was actually meant to imply that Celestia wants Twilight to become a princess and thus her equal. And thanks! Always feels cool to know that someone is actually enjoying your story.

Yeah I remember that one. It's one of those stories I want to read but probably never will. I have a bad habit of writing ALOT more than reading.

:pinkiegasp: Jealous and angry Sunset Shimmer is jealous and angry.


*gently slams five bags of bits on the table* You, sir, are a fantabulous writer. (Mix of Fabulous and Fantastic. I like making up my own words, no idea why! :scootangel:)

Thanks for the kind words dude! And Sunset Shimmer only gets worse from here lol.

I love it! Can't wait to see what Sunset has plans to do to Twilight. Looking forward for more amazing writing:rainbowkiss:

OH MY! I'm digging this Sunset Shimmer gal. I can already tell is going to be a pretty good read.

Good Job!

Thanks dude!

Though when you say this "Sunset Shimmer gal" it sounds like you don't know who she is... You see Equestria Girls yet?

Eh, some of it, not enough to really count though. I need to finish it one of these days.... I do know what Sunset's deal is so I guess that counts for something, hopefully.

I so love that this story is being told from Sunset's PoV. Awesome.

Hmm... An interesting chapter.
But this is great! Love to see more of it! Keep it up! :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Poor Twilight. With "friends" like this, no wonder she'll have to be kicked by Tia to find normal friends (well, if this applies to this AU)

Hope you're ready for tomorrow...
Author's Note:
I was originally going to add what happens "tomorrow" to this chapter but then realized that it would make it too long. Hope you're as excited for the next chapter as I am! I already feel bad for Twilight.

I like the current pacing, but please don't turn the story into cliffhanger-fest like The One Pony You Never Prank.

Awww but I like cliffhangers :fluttershysad:

I can't promise no cliffhangers but I'll try to not to go overboard with them.

No chapter is too long. :pinkiesmile::pinkiecrazy:

Says you! Personally I find reading 2000+ word chapters annoying :derpytongue2:

Comment posted by Deep deleted Jul 7th, 2014


Says you! Personally I find reading 2000+ word chapters annoying

You always can publish two chapters at once :twilightsmile:

Nice story, I only ask that you don't let it die

damn it sunset shimmer
you little brat

Hope karma comes back with a vengeance next chapter
If not I will riot

When celestia finds out what happened I wish she will tell sunset she will no long to be Abel to continue being her personal student

That will teach her

Sunset Simmer you little brat! :twilightangry2:
Karma better get you soon! :flutterrage:

I received it on my grandmother's death bad as her final wish before departing."

I found your little mistake. It's always the spelling.:rainbowlaugh:


I swear to make at least one chapter without a spelling mistake. I will try :ajsleepy:

All hail princess sunset shimmer

Sorry, I'm not sure if I like this chapter, it was too perfect for Sunset Shimmer:

* she managed to research guests in great details, though she learned about them coming only recently,
* she obtained/made potion that's so powerful that it/its ingridients should be guarded more than princesses themselves
* sneaked through guards unnoticed
* caused mayhem without being detected by anyone including Tia, who should know that magic has glowing aura

Other characters were weird
* Celes is more than 1000 years old, and she is still anxious at meetings. That should be her millionth meeting.
* Griffins feel too shallow. You don't come with trade agreements out of the blue, so they should know thing or two about ponies. And they threw trade opportunity away just because of one stupid student?

Chapter also raises very noticeable implication for future chapters: we know that SS has an access to extremely powerful invisibility potion. That's huge and it can tremendously benefit absolutely every plan in the future.

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